Thursday, November 17, 2011

From Las Cruces, to City of Rocks, State Park!

One nice thing about RV’ing, is there is always someone who has been there before you to lead the way!  I have been a big time follower of Al, from TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH))  and him and Kelly have been around…  a couple night ago, he left a comment of the blog reminding us while in Las Cruces to take the 82 highway, up to Cloudcroft… what a ride it was.  Also on the same comment, he mentioned we should head towards Silver City, and maybe stop at City of Rocks, State Park.  Well, we took his advice to heart, and that is where RVlifeonwheels lives tonight.  What a spot!  That is all we can say.  If you have not been here, you HAVE to come!  Of course we took some pictures… this is only about 1 1/2 hours from Las Cruces in New Mexico… we had a great day for a drive, and just took our time.

Check out our site, #28 at City of Rocks… yes, we have our own pet rock!


Judy was enjoying the afternoon sun reading her book beside our pet rock…


This is a very cool place, with lots of rocks… in the middle of the desert.  Go figure!  34.9 Million Years ago, there was a big volcano that spouted lava all over, and left a big clump of it here… over the years erosion and wind have turned this lava into what you see today.  Thank goodness for the Ranger Station, or I would not have known all that off the top of my head… we watched the 10 minute video!



This park was created in 1952, yes, the year I was born!   There are a bunch of Oak Trees, that have grown among all the rocks…



After we got settled, we set out to explore the camp ground… 50,000 people come to this camp every year, but there might be only about 50 tonight.  It is a great spot to walk around, and they built a 3.5 mile hiking trail all around the outside of the camp.


We think we might use this camp as a central jumping off point to explore this whole are over the next few days… we love it here.


They only have 10 electrical sites, and we were not able to get one, however as we are self contained, we are able to use our Onan Quiet Diesel Generator, and still be able to catch the Leaf’s in Nashville tonight!  Coffee will be on in the morning also… you can run your generator between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.  Rangers told us, if no one complains, they will not tell you to turn it off at 10:00 if you want to have it running… we will be sleeping by then!


Check out the rocks and mountains below… what a spot… Don’t count on any internet out here in the middle of nowhere, but, yes, we have our Hughes Satellite Internet with us, so you can catch our post tonight… we will probably be the only ones online out here tonight… as forget your cell phone, NOT A CHANCE!


Every time you turn around out here, you want to take a picture.



It is a very unique setting for sure… check out the rock on the balance  below, looks like you could push it over!


Some of the rocks look like they were placed here by hand…


Don’t be standing and jumping on the one below…


Although it may not look like it, the building below is an observatory for viewing the night sky… they set up telescopes on the cement pads out front and away they go… a bet Al from the Bayfield Bunch was viewing the night sky when he was here!


This is the Park Visitor’s Center below, and a place for the Ranger’s to hang out!  The “sails” on the roof, protect roof sky lights in the washrooms from the wind and sun!



Yes, this park is open year round for the traveller to enjoy… even if it is 5,200 feet up!  I was a beautiful day today.


Even Patra got out on the prowl today… the big hunter!



The sunset was most impressive, it happened at 5:10 p.m. local time… love the windmill!



Judy was enjoying the moment below…



What a day…

Till tomorrow…


  1. Love the sunset windmill.
    If you're interested in big rocks like this, check out the Granite Dells in Prescott if you head back to Arizona again. =]

  2. it is so great when someone tells you about a place..and you take the advice and love it when you get there!!..enjoy the peace and quiet!..looks perfect!!

  3. What an interesting place. We hope to have more time next year to visit some of these wonderful places we have been reading about. Enjoyed your post and pictures.

  4. Happy to see your enjoying City of Rocks as much as we did. This is where our Hughesnet satellite system died for the last time and we switched to a Verizona Air Card which we activated in Silver City. Amazingly, we were able to pick up a Verizon signal back at City Of Rocks. It's a great place for sure. If you go to the Gila Cliff Dwellings you will likely enjoy the twisting and winding road through the Gila Forest. Another nice mountain drive east of Silver City through the Emory Pass to Hillsboro where there are a couple of nice old time eating places. If you type Hillsboro into our blogsite's 'Search' bar you can see a few pics. Silver City also has a unique old look about it. In fact if you type 'Silvercity' into our Search bar you can probably see a few other spots we visited in that great area.

  5. we have been to the city of rocks before it is quite a nice find...

  6. Beautiful! Love your pet rock 'Capricornus'! Keep snapping those pictures =)

  7. It reminds me a bit of some of the places around here with all those interesting rock formations. Nice pics again!

  8. GREAT photos ~ definately a place we'd be interested in...
    Have fun & travel safe

  9. Loved those rock formations. Perfect time to be their with so few people.

  10. I had been trying to decide where we would go after leaving Alamogordo--you've helped me make up my mind! What a great place!

  11. Howdy J&J,
    Gosh Judy, you're ancient; I graduated from high school that year.
    You're right it was a good year!!
    We're coming to the desert and follow all of the Canadians around someday!!
    Al B. does such a good job of describing their travels h e should be paid by the Chambers of Commerce!!
    Hope your stay in the USofA is a
    wonderful memory for you folks..
    Come by the RunningStar Ranch if you're in the area and have a cup..