Sunday, November 20, 2011

OK… so we took today off…

We had talked about leaving City of Rocks today, and checking to see which way the wind was blowing before heading out this morning… but after a real good nights sleep, I felt more like taking a day off, not travelling anywhere, and enjoying our Park.  So we did.  This morning, I did do a bunch of maintenance to our Onan Diesel Generator… gave it an oil change, it was due!  We have been using the generator here extensively over the past few days as we do not have any hookups… generators always seem to work better when they do get a lot of work anyways… if they are left too long, that is when the problems crop up!  Oh, ya, did I mention the Leaf’s were also playing at 3:00 this afternoon… don‘t know why so early in South Carolina, but a game is a game!

We never get tired of looking at all the unusual rocks in this park… very scenic.


I guess many years ago, this land was occupied by American Indians, and they must have lived right here on the City of the Rocks… they left a bunch of holes in the rocks where they did their grinding of seeds etc…



This windmill is on the Park Property, just up from us…


There is a bit of a hiking trail around the park we took, and I found these holes along the way in the dirt… lots of little critters out here…


Our RV is lost below in the rocks…



We walked all around the park this afternoon, and I found a couple camp sites I really liked, but you would probably have to be in a tent… this park was not made for big RV’s…


This site below allows you to put your tent right in the big hole in the rocks… kind of neat… every site has a name that is on the post.


There is so much long grass here, the grasshoppers thrive!  Check out this one below… it is all black, until it flies!  The wings are red, however too hard to take a pic while they were flying around, they are too fast to capture!



So our travel department is working overtime tonight, trying to figure out where RVlifeonwheels will be living next… you will just have to stay tuned to find out where we turn up!

Till tomorrow…


  1. looking forward to see where you guys 'land' next :) safe travels

  2. We really enjoyed City of Rocks. Definitely a place I'd go back to. Be safe.

  3. looks like a lovely campground!..glad you are both happy there!..enjoy your evening! and safe travels to you tomorrow!!

  4. If you slide down to Columbus for a few days you can then follow nice quiet and scenic highway 9 all the way to the Arizona State line. The T intersection of highway 80 will land you very close to Rusty's RV Ranch to the right. You are now very close to Portal Arizona and one of the prettiest areas of the State. If you decide to head over to that area I can give you some tips on things to see. Portal Arizona is a 'must see' area for sure. Some great Jeep roads there in the ?Chiricahua Mountains too:))

  5. That City of Rocks and the camp sites reminds me a bit of some of the camping spots in Joshua Tree NP - especially with the rocks hanging overhead!

    Good luck with your travel plans today!

  6. Love those huge rocks. I agree with Rick... reminiscent of Joshua Tree NP. Would be kinda fun to pitch a tent under those big rocks - for someone else lol! I'll stay in my RV thank you very much...