Friday, November 25, 2011

So… how ya doing there… partner!

Ok, so the blog header tonight is my best John Wayne imitation…  Our good friend David, up in Bracebridge, can do an amazing John Wayne impression, and can do it for an extended period of time.  He should be with us tonight!  Why???  Cause… we at the “John Wayne RV Ranch” partner!


It is a very rustic park for sure, just outside Maricopa, Az.  We only drove about 250 miles today, from Rodeo, N.M.  Left in the rain, arrived in the hot sun!


Lots of cactus inside the RV Ranch… yes, we are in Az.


Seems if you look below, we brought a couple of extras with us, after we left Roswell, N.M. (doo do dooooo do)



Lots of empty sites in our Ranch, but they Ranch is big, as everything John Wayne did!  Nice office and facilities here at Duke’s Ranch.


We have a great site here, and yes, the dish is up for the Toronto Game tonight, as they are in Dallas to take on the Stars!


After we got all set up, Judy put a small Turkey on to cook, as we have not had enough yet… and we decided to take a walk around the park.  We found a horse coral, with 3 horses in it, however they were way over on the far side… I gave a quick whistle, and yelled “ here horsey horsey…”  and if the darn things all didn’t just come a running over to see us!  Guess I should have had a carrot with me!



They were very friendly, and seemed content with a good nose rub from us!



If we back up a little bit today, we left New Mexico, in rain… and as we were driving up the 80 towards the 10, we came across this rainbow… yes, down here you get to see the whole rainbow!


As you come along Highway 10, you cross into Az., and no sooner hit my most favourite rest stop of all times… lots of rocks and a big sky!



As you near the Tucson area, of course you are going to run into one of these… the famous Saguaro Cactus… there are lots of them.



Lots of cotton fields grow, along Highway 10 and 8.


As we closed in on the John Wayne RV Ranch this afternoon, we came across one of the largest feed lots I have every come across…  this picture is only about 10% of it!  Crazy.  Good thing it is just to the east of the Ranch, and the winds prevail from the west!


That was about it for today!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Welcome to the land of sunshine and John Wayne country. Definitely need to take carrots with you when you walk by the horses next time. They will really be happy with you then.

  2. I've heard of the John Wayne RV park. Sadly, what I heard weren't exactly good things. They were more like terrible things. I hope your visit is much better!

  3. Looks like you had a pretty good day there, Pilgrim!! Now, go back out and water them horses!

  4. looks like a great Rv park...enjoy the nice warm weather!!