Friday, November 4, 2011

Some good news as we hit “The Rock”…

400 miles on the road and we hit our destination, “Little Rock, Arkansas”.  It was mainly a very overcast kind of day, although it did not rain a drop, so go figure.  The temps here are in the mid 60’s F. which is quite a bit cooler than Rick and Paulette of Rick & Paulette's RV Travels are experiencing in Destert Hot Springs!  They arrived yesterday and are just warming up our eventual destination for us. 

We received some good news today from my Dr.’s Office in Bracebridge.  Dr. Williams office indicated they have a date of Dec. 15th for my Ultra Sound that will be completed in the London Health Science Centre.  Problem is that I will be in Desert Hot Springs, Ca. at that point in time!  So, good thing they invented the airplane!  I will have to fly home and have the procedure completed, and then fly back to DHS asap!  Hopefully, I will not have to put my foot down in snow, but I think I am dreaming!  Got to go shopping for an airplane ticket tonight to get me home… at least I have lots of time to figure it out.  Also Dr. Williams office indicated that this scan is for pre-cautionary reasons… they are not suspecting anything real bad at this point, but just want to take another look to make sure I am stable… I can assure them that my thyroid is still there!  Guess I will have to bring them my thyroid and prove it to them… too bad I can’t ship it in a box to them, and have them return it to me! Now here is an update:  Judy is hot the the computer and has found me a flight from Palm Springs Airport, to London, Ontario!  Good news.  I will also fly out of London on the way home, and land in Palm Springs… along the way, I get to check out L.A., Denver, Chicago, and Toronto!   This will be a whirlwind tour!  I will leave DHS on the 14th, and return on the 16th!  Ride em cowboy!  Thanks to Judy for finding me my flights!


Judy found us a great campsite tonight in Little Rock. Ark.  It is a bit of a parking lot I guess, but it is only $30.00 for 3 nights!   Our intention is to take the “Weekend Off” and enjoy ourselves, and Little Rock.  We plan on going to the Bill Clinton Presidential Library on Saturday, and Judy scored some tickets to take the trolley tour of Little Rock.  It will drop us off at the Library.  Also, while we were checking into our Park, which is City Owned, and right on the river, we met the manager of the Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum and the USS Razorback Submarine.  I will be touring this Sub over the weekend sometime, so get ready for some sub pictures! 

Here is our home for the weekend.  Yup, the Shaw Direct dish is up for the Leaf game tomorrow night!  Did I tell you that the Leaf’s are in 1st. Place! 

PB042716 - Copy

There is a group of at least 30 Quebecers staying here on an RV Rally…

PB042713 - Copy

Check out this bridge below… it is a pedestrian bridge, and you can walk from our camp site into Little Rock!

PB042714 - Copy

The Canadians have take over this park!

PB042717 - Copy

There is a bit of a bridge in the way, but this is Little Rock downtown area…



Even more good news tonight… I called Bell Canada, the other night, and our Smart Phone is operating within paramaters, and all is well!  No over charges for data or anything crazy, and also, the phone is working great down here, with very fast speeds on the data connection!

Also today, we went “back to the future”…  This morning I was awake real early, at 6:15 a.m. and just taking a peek at emails and some blogs… I checked the time on the computer and it was 6:15!  I picked up my smart phone, to check something, and it tells me it is 5:15 a.m.   Whooopssss… we had gone back to the future and didn’t even know it!  Oh well, we have to go back a lot more yet!

Well, that is probably enough excitement for one day…

Till tomorrow…



  1. That's a total bonus to be able to fly into and out of the London
    Airprot and not Toronto, Hamilton or Detroit. London has a nice uncomplicated Airport with easy access. Good luck about not stepping in snow there. Once flew into London from Puerto Vallarta Mexico and trudged through heavy blowing snow and freezing temperatures only to find my car buried in the parking lot with a dead battery. Not nice!!

  2. yeah for the Canadians taking over Little Rock!!!..and Leafs?..well you know how we feel about that!!..enjoy the weekend!!

  3. I hope you get your wish about no snow but I wouldn't hold my breath if I was you. Lots of good company for you at your park. Have a good down time.

  4. Glad to hear it's good news! Sorry you ave to fly all the way back for it but I suppose it could certainly be worse!

  5. Great news on those flights back and forth from DHS!

    Sounds like you've got a fun weekend lined up in Little Rock! Enjoy your visit with Bill.