Saturday, November 5, 2011

Life on the “Rock”…

We took the opportunity to sleep in a bit today, after retiring early last night… 4 days on the road will do that to you.  We decided to head out today and tour a bit of Little Rock.  Started off by heading over to President Clinton Library.  First we had to get there!

This bridge on the right, was built in 1899 and was a railway bridge.  Last month it was re-invented into a pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas River.  That is the Library on the left.


Judy is ready to hike over it, about 3/4 of a mile.  The bicycle is to tell you it is OK to bike on.


They did a great job converting it, fully cemented, and big fence to ensure people do not fall off!


We had great views of our RV Park, and Little Rock in the background, as we climbed up the bridge.


Yup, that is our Endura on the right hand side of the picture with the Jeepster in front.


It offered a great view of Little Rock.


This park area below was part of the “Put America back to work” and kick start the economy!


The Library is a very impressive building and is only a couple years old…


One of the volunteers took our picture beside Bill’s Limo… It is a 1994 model and is now retired of course.


This is a re-creation of the Cabinet Room at the White House where all the big decisions are made… Judy is looking like she is hard at work!


Hope you can read this one… it has some interesting numbers from the beginning of Bill as Pres to the end.


Bill and Hillary received a lot of letters, here is one from Whoopi…


Bill was President for 8 years… 92 to 2000.  This is the President’s itinerary for 1992, one book for each month.  It was interesting to see how busy each day was for the President… I would have never guessed.  Not much personal time. 


When you are President, everyone who comes to see you brings a gift… these are just a few!



Bill played the Sax of course, and these ones below were all gifts, and special made for him!  They were from World Leaders at the time.


One big room of the Library was set aside for various exhibits that rotate around the States… Currently the “Lego” Display is here… check out these piece of works made of Lego!  These are only a few of my favs…

Mount Rushmore…


I am losing my Head!


Below is called Blue Sky over Little Rock


Peek a boo…


For the kids…


Bill did have an office… at the White House of course… this is a re-creation.


We left the Library after about 2 1/2 hours, and headed on foot downtown… below is a great River Market. 


Today was a big walk for AIDS… trying to find a cure…


Little Rock has a great Trolley System in the Downtown area, and we took advantage of it, riding the whole course.  It is “electric” so is pollution free, well almost, depending on how they produce the electricity I guess… It cost $2.00 for both of us to ride all day!


The Trolley is neat, as the controls are at both ends!   I just wanted to jump in a start pulling levers, but the operator was driving from the other end!


Now the pictures below is a sneak peek of tomorrows blog…. sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh……


Dinner tour anyone???


I really enjoyed today… I loved visiting the Library, just like the one we saw last year, President Regan’s in Hollywood.  The legacy of Bill Clinton depicted by the Library, was one of fantastic economic growth, which was true, as the numbers do not lie.  Also improved Human Rights for all.  Bill says in one of his video’s, that he left the Country better, than when he started… maybe he was right!

Till tomorrow…


  1. wow great pictures thanks for sharing the tour with us..thats alot of leggo...looks like you had a great day!!

  2. Wow, what an impressive tour! Looks like you've gotten to see a lot of great things so far! Never imagined there'd be so much to Arkansas!

  3. I would love to visit that library. I need to put that on my list. Great tour. Thanks.

  4. Thanks for the fantastic tour of Little Rock. Interesting place - LOVED the Lego sculptures. How on earth can they do that?!?!?!

  5. Nice tour of Little Rock and Clinton's library.