Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A trip to the Pumpkin Patch???

Today was a bit overcast, but turned out very nice anyways… it was in the low 70’s or about 23 deg. C.

There was zero wind this morning, so you know what that means!  Yes, I was off for the Clark Air Base, just a bit to the north of us!

Here I am lining up the fleet again today… a great day to fly! First up was the white Super Cub, and then I actually got the P-47 to fly!  Had a great flight with it, until the landing that is, where I had a minor happening… but a bit of crazy glue, and all will be well again1


Judy took the pic as proof of my P-47 being in the air… it is a difficult plane to fly, but I am catching up to it on the learning curve!  Love a challenge!  There is no better place on earth to fly these planes, than at the Clark Air Base, in Borrego Spring, Ca. 


This afternoon, we wanted to take in a Jeep run, so Judy did the pre-work, with our map books, guides, computer maps… you name it, and came up with the Pumpkin Patch Jeep Tour, just off Hwy. 78 here in the Park… what a great run it turned out to be.

As we closed in on the trail head, we spotted this guy below, coming in for a landing at the Ocotillo Wells Air Strip… It was a Military Aircraft, and flew like a plane, but landed like a Helicopter… he was only on the ground in front of us for 20 seconds and then he took off… what a sight.


We found the trail head for the Pumpkin Patch and headed into the unknown… nice day to get the Jeep some exercise!


This area is a well used off road vehicle rec area… and on the weekends, it is packed!  Good news, during the week we have it to ourselves!


A couple times I had to remove a couple rocks to keep things moving forward without ripping the fine parts out from underneath the Jeep…


Check out this pic below,   we are 1/2 way out the 8 miles to the pumpkin patch, and we run into the Army doing some training in the sand hills with the Humvee’s… they were having fun!


We made it out to the pumpkin patch… what a spot… a bunch of rocks that look like pumpkins… they were formed by sand that is almost like cement… and are worn smooth by the wind and rain… strange things you see in California!



There had to be a 3 acre pumpkin patch out in the middle of nowhere… go figure!


Here I am below, contemplating life, wondering how these stones were made… yes, they did put a bathroom out in the middle of nowhere!  The fence you see is to keep the people out of the pumpkin patch with all the off road toys that come here.


We carried on from the pumpkins, and took a cross trail that was going to come out close to our RV!  Bonus!  Check out these sandstone walls in this canyon… you don’t want to be here when it rains real hard, or at least have a boat with you!


We had a great afternoon out buzzing around in the Jeep, which is starting to look like a dirty Jeep now, but it is Happy!  On this trail, you needed a high clearance vehicle, with 4 wheel drive available with low range on the transmission, otherwise you are call CAA, or AAA.  (Good luck getting them to come!)


We got back home at 4 this afternoon, and Judy wanted to have a fire… it was a perfect night for it and it kept us warm as the sun went down!


The sky was on fire tonight…


Yup, you guessed it, simply another great day in California!

Till tomorrow…


  1. The pumpkin patch looks interesting. Glad you had some good flight time today. What a perfect end to the day with that campfire. Beautiful picture of the sky on fire.

  2. another blogger out for a jeep ride today!!..love the pumpkin patch photos!..very interesting!!!..and here I thought it would be the 'orange kind'!!

  3. Wow, never heard of The Pumpkin Patch before! That's really neat!

  4. A dirty jeep is a happy jeep! Looks like you had a wonderful day. I have never heard of the pumpkin patch. Thanks for an interesting post.

  5. The Pumpkin Patch? Missed that one when we were down there. I think that military aircraft was there to check on some small 'extra-terrestial' planes that had been seen flying around the desert - sure glad he didn't have orders to shoot!!!