Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving X 2

Thanksgiving Day, American Style…


Today Judy and I have many things to be thankful for!  As I prepare this blog, we are just getting ready to attend the pot luck Turkey Dinner here at Rusty’s RV Ranch!   It is the 5th annual Dinner for the Park.  The smell of Turkey will not hang in the air long here today though, as there is a stiff southerly wind blowing today, but very warm out!

We had about 15 people out for the pot luck dinner, which turned out to be fantastic!  Judy and I met a real nice couple from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Bob and Adele, who we sat with at dinner… They were a real nice couple, and we got a great perspective of Thanksgiving “American Style” this afternoon.  Of course there was more food than you would expect, or could eat, and it was all great!


With a nice sized group, you get to meet everyone, and we had a great time doing so!


Everyone is enjoying a great buffet!


We sure are grateful to Rusty, and her Husband, Tim for hosting a great Thanksgiving Dinner!  We enjoyed!

A couple tidbits today for the blog… this morning I was doing some laundry up, while Judy was RV cleaning, and I got a picture of these two guys…

There are actually 4 of them in this enclosure, it is their winter home here, in the summer they have a big pen outside to stay in.


Yes, they live in the laundry room…


They other day out on one of our tours I found this home below… check it out.  In this part of N.M. / Az. they sky is always big, and the darkness at night is incredible…  This home below is just off highway 80, and has it’s own observatory… apparently many homes in this area are set up to watch the night sky.   No better place to do it!  UPDATE:  We are now post “Thanksgiving Dinner” and at dinner tonight I learned that the picture of the property I took below, actually belongs to Mr. Norton, famous for the founder of Norton Anti Virus Software!   Seems the Anti Virus People love to hang out in this area of NM.  You will see more below!



I did the cropping below, so you see the observatories a little better…


Now check out this place below… it is/was called “The Sky Gypsy Cafe”.  If you all remember a guy, by the name of John McAfee, who invented a program called McAfee Anti Virus, this used to be his property.  McAfee made millions of $$$$ from his Company before, and when he sold it off.  At one time he had a net worth of about $100 Million, but that is now all but gone.  He invested in real estate in a big way.   Mansions in L.A., and at Kitts Peak, in Az. and the Sky Gypsy Complex in N.M.   He bought this 147 acres of land, and apparently spent $11 Million on building a small airport, hangers, Cafe, and theatre, all to entertain and amuse his friends.  They all flew small ultra light aircraft out of here.  He chose this area, as there is not much around, and lots of room to fly around without hitting anything, or bothering anyone.  Well, along comes the big real estate crunch a couple of years ago, and McAfee had to auction off this property to the highest bidder, which turned out to be a bid of $1.1 Million, so he did not do very well on this chunk of real estate!  Quite the storey behind this man, and you can read it all if you Google his name.


We ended up with a bit of a rain and wind storm this evening after our Dinner, to the point we had to pull our big slide in for fear of damage to our slide out topper. 

Four recent new followers to RVlifeonwheels I want to say hello to and welcome to our travels – Whitey, Rick and Cathy, Jool, and Kate have all signed on!  Welcome to all of you!

Till tomorrow…


  1. well what a great read your blog is this evening..buffet looked excellent and laden with food items...cute birds :)...interesting read on Norton and McAfee...thanks for sharing...

  2. sounds like you had a great day!!..hard to be far from family but it looks like you had some nice company to go along with all the food!!

  3. Glad your Thanksgiving Dinner X2 worked out so well.

    What do those antivirus guys know about that area that the rest of us don't?