Thursday, November 3, 2011

It was a 1/2 and 1/2 kind of day…

We were up early this morning, after getting a real good night’s sleep, and on the road just before 8:00!  It was overcast this morning and a bit cooler than it has been.  We headed south towards Columbus, Ohio.  As we are driving into Columbus, it hit me like a rock!  Duhhhhh… the Toronto Maple Leafs play HERE tonight you dummy!  Oh boy, too late now to figure that out, as we motor by Columbus!  

We drove to about 11:30 and then the second half of the day started… the rain.  It rained hard!  It rained for over 3 hours!   We were able to continue on the highways without any problems, so all was good, just wet.  Do you know what your Jeep looks like after trailing the Motorhome by about 4 feet in the rain for 3 hours???   It is not a pretty sight, and will require some major detailing for sure.

We are camped tonight at Central City, Ky. tonight, and using the camp internet, which is working OK, but has no bandwidth, so will not be posting any pictures… just can’t handle it!   I do have the dish up tonight so we can watch the Leaf Game… Go Leaf’s Go.

Tomorrow we will hit Little Rock, Arkansas without any problem, and will probably stay the weekend.  We plan to tour the Bill Clinton Presidential Library.  Hopefully it is a good one!

Till tomorrow…


  1. It's so strange to read the blogs and hockey. Being is the US, I think football and basket ball.....even if by grandson did play hockey for 6 years!

  2. sounds like you had a decent if rainy travel day...our toad is always filthy upon arrival...doesn't seem to be any way around it..take care

  3. Another great game for the Leafs, with Scrivens stopping 38 shots. I wish the Canucks were doing as good, they are down by two in the second period with Minnesota. Would have been nice to see the Leafs live. Safe travels tomorrow.

  4. hope the leafs won? travels and happy car washing day!!

  5. At 6:40pm last night Christ says to me - "hey text your Dad and see if he knows they're playing in Columbus maybe he can go!" I said, "if he hasn't figured it out by now I doubt he'll be able to get himself to Columbus and buy tickets in 20 minutes." :S

  6. Sounds like you would have seen a great game with the Leafs winning 4-1 in Columbus. Hope you got to watch it on TV.