Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What a day to be on the road!

On the road by 8:20 this morning, after a very nice relaxing night in north Buffalo.  We got down to Delaware, Ohio, a total distance of 400 miles today.

The first picture tonight is where we parked in north Buffalo last night… it is a Motel, with an RV Park that was closed, but the owner let us park for the night for ten bucks… why not.  We used our Onan Generator and had all the power we needed, plus we had lots of water, so life was good.  This morning we enjoyed a big breakfast with coffee, then hit the road.

We parked in the middle of the RV Park on a parking lot so I did not have to un-hook the Jeep.


This is the back of the Motel complex… lots of green grass and trees for the RV’s…


Note below, that there is not one leaf on the ground… the owner must use a tractor to clean it up.


As we drove south through Buffalo, we got to see the impressive Peace Bridge between our two great Countries.


On the other side of that bridge, is Fort Erie, Ontario.  Many times have we crossed this Bridge into and out of the U.S.A.


We passed many nice autumn colours today, this along I-90.


here I am tonight, setting up our Shaw Direct, and Huges Net Dish’s, in order to do a blog tonight and of course watch the Leaf Game!  We are in  Alum Creek State Park, at Delaware, Ohio, and it is a gorgeous night out here. 


The view across the road from our site.


Looking up the road from our site… there are actually quite a few campers here, many are hidden in the bush.  We stayed sort of out in the open as much as possible, in order to get signals on the dish’s… 


We have a real nice site, open, yet lots of bush!  This State Park is open year round, and this time of year is self serve.  It cost us $12.50 tonight with our Passport America Membership.  It has great 50 amp electrical service to keep all the toys running tonight.


I borrowed this picture below off our Daughter’s blog, as it shows non other than our little Gwenny, dressed up as a black cat for Halloween.   What a kid!

Now check out the picture below, this is the pumpkin that Gwenny’s Dad, Chris made for her… apparently it only took 3 1/2 hours to carve! 

All in all, just a great day on the road… we will be off again tomorrow for some more adventure!

Guess what, all the pictures today were taken with our Kodak Pocket camera, yes, the one with the black dot!  Seems to have gone south for the winter or something…

A big welcome to Bud Russman, our newest Blog Follower, just joining up to time to catch the winter’s travels… welcome Bud!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Wow, someone sure loves their baby!! Great pumpkin. Looks like Gwenny is not too sure about all this dressing up business.

    Glad you had such a nice travel day. Have fun and travel safe.

  2. sweet baby girly...and great carving job by her dad...great travel and park pics also...have fun and be safe out there...

  3. That pumpkin is great... and wow, I'd like to check out that park during this time of the year. The foliage is lovely!

  4. The only thing better than the pic of that pumpkin is the pic of Gwenny as a black cat!

    Great to see you had a good start to your trip and our back online!!

  5. Gwenny looks so cute and pumpkin carving is amazing!!!..
    safe travels to you as you continue south!!! some of the photos it looks like you and Judy are the only ones in the RV Park!!

  6. I well know how great it is to find a nice overnight spot while traveling, like that one in Buffalo. We also like State Parks when moving from points A to B as well. You were so fortunate to hit this stretch of great weather for these early travel days here in the north.

  7. I liked the pictures of the Peace Arch Bridge, and the fall colors on I90. Nice win for your Leafs last night with Lupul scoring those three goals in less then 7 minutes during period 2. Glad your trip south is gong well.
    Safe travels.