Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rice… do you have any rice???

This is the 3rd year now that we have crossed the border between Canada and the U.S. and Judy and I marvel at times at the questions that we get asked by the Boarder Patrol Agents.  This is the first year that they did not actually board our RV.  We crossed over near Brockville for the first time.  The Agent started asking normal questions, like where are you going… (DHS) for how long… (180 days), how many on board… (2) how much cash do you have… (lots, lol) then he asked… “do you have any rice?”   I kinda looked at him like he was from Mars and Judy pipes up and says, “ya, the kind in a bag that you put in the microwave”… he then says, “oh, OK… what else do you have in the fridge?”  Judy says, “apples, carrots, cucumber… onion, maybe a green pepper.”  He says, “ Oh, I will need that green pepper!”  Judy goes looking for it but it is not there, so he was denied his green pepper.  We thought later he was missing ingredients for his dinner, and needed a green pepper!  Yikes…  guess he didn’t want to know about the wine and spirits we had purchased at the Duty Free Shop, as he never asked!  It all depends on the mood they are in!

Our Friend Rick from B.C. loves bridges, so we took a picture of the crossing of this bridge over the St. Lawrence River at Brockville… it was very high, and yes, that stupid black dot is back in our camera, after leaving for a while last night… seems we might be buying a new camera!


This area is known as the Thousand Islands… and is simply beautiful!





This spiral looking building  is called The Thousand Island Space Deck, and is built for the tourist to take it all in!   Kind of neat!  Looked about 800 feet high, and you could climb the stairs to get up there, or probably take an elevator on the inside I would hope!



We did have a bit of a set back today in our plans.  No sooner had we cleared the border in the U.S. and we received a phone call from my Dr. in Gravenhurst, indicating I should talk to my Cardiologist in Bracebridge regarding a recent Ultra Sound I had on my Thyroid Gland.  We had to leave a message on his phone, and we decided to change our route from heading south, to going straight west, in case we had to return to Ontario!   We did finally get a call from the Cardiologist, and he indicated that I will need a second ultra sound done probably around December 15th.  So, with this in mind, we have decided carry on with our journey to Desert Hot Springs, and come December 15, or whenever the appointment turns out to be, I will jump on an airplane and return to Toronto to have the ultra sound completed, and then return to DHS.   What a pain, but that is the best we can do, and it seems better than returning home to Ontario and waiting around in the snow!   It is not a matter of the Ultra Sound not being able to be done by then, but the Dr. needs that time period to pass before the Ultra Sound is completed again. 

So tonight we are just outside Buffalo, at a campground that is closed, but the owner allowed us just to park for the night.  We will hit the road first thing in the morning, and head south for warmer temperatures… although it is a beautiful night here in Buffalo tonight, at around 50 deg. F.

Till tomorrow…


  1. "and it seems better than returning home to Ontario and waiting around in the snow!"

    Ya sure got that one right Pardner....

  2. My baby camera developed some sort of a spot earlier in the year that I finally determined was inside of the lens thus unfixable. Cheaper to buy a new one than make repairs and so I did. Too bad it's that way - seems a waste. Anyway, good pictures - I just ignored the black spot :)

    Hope your test shows nothing serious but I think you made a wise choice to head on south for now. Travel safe.

  3. sorry to see the black spot rear it's ugly head again..looks like you may be getting a new camera soon!!..
    I think you made the right decision to just continue on and fly home when needed!!..fun in the sun sounds way better than staying in the snow!!

  4. How interesting! I'd better look into what all we can take over the border with us. We plan to do a lot of time in the Alaskan wilderness so figured we'd need a good "bear gun" but I'm imagining that won't be permitted!

  5. Thanks for the bridge pics, black spot or not. I'll have to remember that trick the next time I want a new camera!!

    Rice?? Now, that's one I've never heard of! It's funny - we weren't asked a single question except where are you going and for how long?

    Too bad about having to fly back home but I guess it's cheaper than getting an ultrasound south of the Medicine Line!!

  6. We were asked about rice and beans when we crossed the border at Port Angeles, as well as the usual fruit and vegetables. I am surprised that you were able to bring over onions. We were asked about them last year and saw people having them thrown away. I did have a small bag of brown rice that they let me keep but only after a very thorough inspection!

  7. now's a good time to practice with your editing software. You can fill in the spot very easily. Or you can just center all your targets into the top left corner and crop the damn spot out.

    I wonder if you put your camera on something vibrating, if the dust wouldn't fall off? That's one big piece of dust.

    Of course, like Rick said it's a good excuse to buy that new camera.