Monday, November 21, 2011

Tonight, we sit on the “Fence”…

We hit the road early this morning, right after the rain stopped!  Yes it rained today in the desert… It does not happen very often.  We spent a lot of time trying to figure out where we wanted to go next, as there is a lot of choices for sure.  We ended up heading north up to Silver City, as some food for the shelves was required, and they happen to have a real nice new Wal-Mart there, with a bunch of RV’ers in the parking lot of course!  Soon we were on our way, all stocked up, and headed into Silver City to catch highway 90 which then heads south, down to Lordsburg, which is on Highway 10.

Check out the picture Judy took below, looking out from our RV door, as the mountains close by at City of Rocks State Park… no that is not snow on the mountains, they are drenched in sunlight this morning…


We said goodbye to City of Rocks after enjoying it very much… below we head south on Highway 90, going by the Tyrone Open Pit Mine which is probably the biggest mine I have every come across…it is a Copper Mine in the Burro Mountain District… what a spot.



They have made mountains here out of the tailings…


We drove a lot in rain today, as you can see the angry sky in this picture below, just north of Highway 10…



We continued on Highway 10 west of Lordsburg, and ended up turning left, onto Highway 80 south… and headed about 25 miles south right along the border of New Mexico, and Arizona.   We stopped tonight at a favourite haunt of The Bayfield Bunch, Rusty’s Rv Ranch.  It sits right on the border, or as I like to say we are sitting on the fence! 



This is a jewel of a park, full service, and Passport America… so rates are great!  Check out the little garden by the office below… You can bring your horse here if you have one… and it is big time pet friendly, as the Bayfield Bunch would tell you!


Below is a picnic shelter, and if you look to the left of it, check out the big “hot tub”… you can swim in it!  It is big, and yes, we will be trying it out!


You site here is over 200 feet long… look at the room behind the Jeep… this is our lot!   You are not stacked on top of each other here… however look at the angry clouds behind the RV… it was snowing up in the Chiricahua Mountains… it was white up there…  Some of the peaks in this range are over 9,000 feet up!  Some good Jeeping going to be happening around here… for sure!


We have decided to stay a few days, and center our activities out of here for the next few day, and will probably enjoy Thanksgiving here at the big pot luck dinner!  Below Patra got out and into the action exploring our site…


We are taking life easy this evening, and will probably get out and about tomorrow…

Till tomorrow…


  1. That looks like a great spot and it looks like Patra is enjoying it too. Do you keep the kitty on a lead or does she just stick close by? I always wonder about traveling with cats as they are so independent. Just curious...

  2. I showed Don your pics at City of Rocks, and we just made our reservation for a couple of nights there after we leave Alamogordo. We chose a site with hookups; hopefully if we like it a lot we can extend. Looks like you're at a lovely spot now. Enjoy!

  3. a site that is 200 feet long?..whohooo!!..enjoy yourselves!!

  4. That hot tub looks downright dangerous - a guy could drown in there! Nice looking RV park to hang out for a few days.

  5. great looking park...I'd sit on the fence any day in that area :) enjoy

  6. This place looks great! I hope we run into a place with a hot tub here or there. Certainly wouldn't hurt! =]