Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Yes, we are back on the road again!

With the Mototote all welded up and ready to roll, we decided to get back on the road today, and leave Little Rock behind us, and this evening that may be a good thing, as Judy tells me that Little Rock is currently under a tornado alert!  Yikes. 

I had to show you the picture below… it is left over from “The Big Dam Bridge” blog, and I found it on Judy’s camera…  As we were walking over the bridge Judy looks and says to me, “Now down slow bikes???” …   I look at her and say, “no, bikes slow down now!”… it all depends on how you look at it, and how your brain works!


Well here is another one below… how would you read it???   I think if this was in Canada, it would be reversed on the road…




One last look below of Little Rock, as we high tail it out of town… Yes, it was overcast this morning, but warm… Judy and I enjoyed Little Rock, and would come back again, as we missed a lot of things that we wanted to do while we were there!  It is a great spot and we are more than glad we stopped for 3 days there as we journey west. A couple sub notes… we did see the “Occupy Little Rock” protest, but did not get pictures… Also on last Saturday night at 11:00 p.m. we were in bed with Judy reading a book and me trying to fall asleep… all of a sudden the bed is rocking!   I thought it was Judy moving around but she was not… next morning I read in the paper there was an earthquake! 


Arkansas is a beautiful State, with lots of fall colours… we also passed by the Town of Hope today, which of course is the birth Town, of President Clinton.


We followed Highway 30 West out of Little Rock, and eventually below, we crossed over into Texarkana, Texas.  This is a great State, and we love they way they wear their pride on their overpasses.   Check out the Lone Star below on the overpass.  They were building all kinds of these…



Now here we are dating ourselves, but if you remember the TV show “Dallas” you will probably recognize the picture below of Dallas of course… please excuse the RV’s radio antenna.


So tonight we are about 4 miles west of Mineral Springs, at a nice little RV Park. Free Wi-Fi, nice open skies, and it was in the mid 70’s, or 20 deg. C. for the Canuks… This is our site below, and yes, the Shaw Direct Dish is up and running, as I take in the Florida Panthers and Toronto Maple Leafs tonight.


Office and Rec Centre below.  The sky looks a lot better tonight than it did this morning.


Tomorrow we will carry on heading West, as we want to hit New Mexico by the end of the week, should not be a problem. 

400 miles on the big rig today, and our total mileage on the rig, just went over 30,000 miles!  Lots more to go yet!

Till tomorrow…


  1. Long day but I'm sure glad to read you're safe and enjoying the game.

  2. enjoy the game and a good night's sleep after driving all that way!!

  3. That's a good day's drive for sure. Hope your team wins!

  4. We overnighted in Hope Arkansas a couple years ago right beside the baseball diamond. Always seems to be a lot of bridge and road construction going on in Texarkana. We generally avoid Dallas and slide quietly into New Mexico on 380 through Roswell.

  5. I looked at your first picture without reading your explanation and I had several question marks floating above my head as I puzzled out 'Now down slow bikes' I may not have gotten it at all without your guidance Dad - funny how our minds work! (I was even thinking, maybe Now you had to get down from your bike if you were going too slowly... - lol)

  6. What a long day! Looking forward to your New Mexico adventures too!