Thursday, August 1, 2013

Do you "Drive Clean"...

Next month, (Sept.) is the month of my birth, and if you live in Ontario, you get a real nice birthday present from the Government. You get to renew your plate stickers on you vehicles! Oh lucky can you get! So when I was looking over the paperwork they sent to me for the sticker renewals, I realized that I needed to get "Drive Clean Certificates" for the Jeep and the Motor Home.

Lucky for me, my Jeep does not smoke like the vehicle in the picture above... yikes! Even though our 2006 Jeep will turn over 200,000 klms. this week, it still runs like it came off the showroom floor. It has always been maintained, and I believe this makes a huge difference in how they run.

Our engine runs about as clean as the Jeep looks! I took it to Canadian Tire today, and they confirmed that the engine is very clean, and it "Passed" the test! The only bad news... a $35.00 bill from Canadian Tire for the test results, plus HST of course.

Next on the list is the Motorhome. I have an appointment tomorrow morning at Hickson Motors up in Hickson, to have them do a drive clean test on our Dura Max Diesel Motor. I think it runs very good as well, and should not be a problem passing the test. This test will cost $100.00 plus the HST. Depending on the test results the Motorhome has to be tested every year! It it passes with flying colours, it may be allowed to go for 2 years before further testing is requred.

The Jeep has to be tested every 2 years so hopefully it is just as clean down the road!

So, do you have to "Drive Clean" where you live???

Just to "make my day" today, I got a call from our Financial Planner, asking me if I was on holidays in England with Judy, wanting him to send us money to buy a Condo! NOOOOOOOOO!

Yes, I have been hacked... someone out there is having fun with my gmail account, so no, I am not in jail, am not desperate, have not been arrested, and do not require anyone to send any money anywhere on our behalf! Some people in this world still have nothing to do creatively with their time obviously!

Till tomorrow, and don't forget to drive clean!



  1. Rats! That darned Financial Planner had to step in and ruin my plan!!

    Here on the Republic of Vancouver Island we don't have no stinkin, clean air rules for our vehicles. The air is plenty clean enough for us.

  2. When I lived in Milwaukee, WI we had to have our vehicles tested for "emissions" every year prior to renewing. Fortunately it didn't cost anything to me other than the license renewal fee; the anniversary was dependent on when you purchased and licensed the vehicle. In Michigan, it's your birthday month that determines the renewal.

  3. Good that your jeep is clean and think probably your coach will be too.
    I have been using Hickson Motors for our coach over the years and they to a pretty fair job there.
    Nice fellows they are.
    Good luck with your coach.
    Maintenance sure does make a difference.