Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Nothing like Thanksgiving all over again...

Seems to be bad weather out there no matter where you look... back home in Ontario there is all kinds of that white stuff finding it's way to the ground, as well as across the mid central U.S. We won't even mention the weather on the Praires...snow and cold! With this being the eve of American Thanksgiving, many people will be travelling, and I think a few might not make destinations...

It was an easy day for us again today... we attended the weekly coffee meeting down at the Club House to pick up on all the happenings in our Park...there are many.

This afternoon we made the 14 mile run down to Avon Park to visit Winn Dixie and pick up some needed supplies.

This evening Judy and I drove up to Holy Cross Church in Winterhaven and enjoyed a fantastic Thanksgiving Dinner! I did not get any pictures, but it looked a aweful lot like the picture above. Over 60 people were out tonight for the dinner. Judy and I were here last year but with only 30 people out.

Of course, this is just getting ready for the big day, tomorrow... we are heading out for an afternoon Thanksgiving Dinner with a bunch from our Park. Going up to Lake Wales to a Family Restaurant. Gotta start exercising soon!

Gobble, gobble.....



  1. We are so lucky us Canadians, get to celebrate Thanksgiving dinners a few times a year. We had our dinner here today, tomorrow we rest.
    Enjoy your Turkeys!

  2. It is snowing here in Ontario as I read your post. Save some warm, sunny weather for us. We just received confirmation today...we rented the fifth-wheel in your Park for 9 nights over our Christmas Vacation. We will arrive Dec 22. We hope to finally get to meet you both

  3. I love turkey even when it isn't Thanksgiving in Canada or the USofA. We will also benefit from a nice dinner out to celebrate American Thanksgiving....and looking forward to that.

  4. Hey John - thanks for posting the "selfie", great likeness!

    Enjoy that turkey dinner tonight. I may celebrate by watching a bit of football today.

  5. Two Thanksgivings is definitely something to be thankful for. Love that turkey. Thanks for the wishes. We will be enjoying our day to the fullest.

  6. I think I am going to start celebrating the Canadian Thanksgiving too. Seems like a good idea to enjoy turkey more than once a year.