Thursday, November 28, 2013

Our Last Thanksgiving Dinner this year!!!!

I have simply lost track of how many Thanksgiving Dinners we have celebrated this year, but you can just go and ask our scales to find out!

About 12 of us from Rainbow Resort headed down the road to Lake Wales, to the Family Restaurant. They put on a terrific Dinner for everyone... you can see Judy enjoying above with our group... This morning Judy and I walked 2 1/2 miles just to make room for this Dinner!

Just so you all don't go on thinking we live in absolute paradise here, last night was our coldest night this winter. It hit down to 38 deg. F.! What's with that! Today was nothing but sunshine, but only about 68 deg. F. high. So there... we are not perfect here. However our weather goes back to normal again tomorrow! It didn't go below 32 deg. F. as we are in Frostproof of course!

There is sure a lot of hype around here about Black Friday! Many of the stores were opening this afternoon actually to get a head start on Black Friday. No, I don't think Judy and I will get caught up in all the hype...

Want to give a shoutout to our friends Tom and Cheryl up in Richmond Hill. Tom's cataract surgery went well, and they have high hopes of high tailing it down here to Frostproof soon. We will keep it warm for you guys!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Happy Thanksgiving. Heard on the weather that we're supposed to be down in the 30's next week at night. Definitely not what I'm paying for here in AZ. But it's still better than snow and cold up north. We definitely overate today but it was so good.

  2. No Black friday stuff for us either.
    Don't count on no Frost there it has happened in the past! Ask the locals.

  3. Glad to hear you guys aren't going hungry down there.

    You're not going to get much sympathy from all the folks down south suffering through freezing weather in many parts of the country.

  4. Any reason for a celebration is worthy. Your overnight temps would seem warm to those living in the northeast.