Saturday, November 30, 2013

The road to recovery seems to never end...

Yes, I am still on the road to recovery it seems. My cold is just about done, however...

My back is still causing me some grief... just when Judy thought I was getting better and able to get back to a more regular routine! Yes, I was lifting a pair of socks when I hurt my back! Crazy!

We decided the best thing to do was simply take things easy today with my back, so I made sure, (Judy made sure...) that I did not go around lifting any 500 lb. weights!

What I did do today, was spent a half hour in aqua thearpy down in the Resort Hot Tubs! Now, that felt good! My pain was further reduced when we got the word from our neighbours on Channel 6 of the Walki Talkies, that they were hosting a happy hour tonight! Perfect!

The picture above is of Judy's Black Friday find of a new ottoman. Well, I call it more of a storage chest. She wanted it for our bedroom in front of the vanity, and it seems to fit just perfect! Great deal at $20.00. She is a happy camper!

We did go for a quick run into Frostproof this morning, as Judy knew I would be watching the Leaf/Montreal game tonight, so she wanted to pick up a Redbox Movie. We can rent them here for $1.20 a night.

There is one of these machines in the parking lot of the Dollar Store in Frostproof, 3 miles from our Park.

Judy was laughing at the sign above in the Dollar Store window... she was wondering what they were giving away free! Sheriff Grady Judd runs a tight ship here in Polk County! We are not far from the County Prison!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Free!!!
    Almost sounds good.
    Get your self better soon, need more happy hours maybe?

  2. Heat from warm water is nice even when you don't have a sore back. Hope yoy heal that you can get back to the heavier lifting - other than sox.

  3. You might as well get all the aches and pains out of the way at one time.

    Great find Judy.

  4. Maybe you should just wear sandals and no socks. That way you might not get hurt lifting those heavy socks out of your dresser!