Saturday, November 23, 2013

Phew... a warm one today!

It was a hot one today, with temps hitting over 30 deg. C. Lots of sun, little winds... hot!

I bought a new seat for my bicycle yesterday and installed it today on my bike. While giving it the old demo, Judy and I rode over by the pond at the front of our Park, and ran into Fred for the first time this year.

Yes, Fred is a Gator... and he has lived in the Park here for a while. He was just floating around and keeping his eye on us today... we also saw a number of turtles in the pond as well.

Not much on the go today, talking with Tom and Cheryl in Richmond Hill, who were upset as it was snowing up there... yikes! They hope to be down here in the first week or so of December! Don't worry Guys, I will hold some of the good weather for you!

Sounds like our son Shawn, Jenn, and the kids were putting up a Christmas Tree in the house this afternoon! Shawn posted this letter that Emmie made up for good old Santa, that I thought was pretty good. Getting to be that time of the year!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Glad someone is having good weather. We are freezing here today in Texas. Rain, rain go away!

  2. Enjoy it while you have the warm weather, Frost Proof is supposed to be frost proof, so our friends Phil and Judy say who winter there every year.
    Not too warm here right now.

  3. It seems you Floridians may be the only RVers experiencing good weather. It's cool and wet out here in the Arizona desert. We're only 100 miles from Phoenix and just learned that the area received better than 2 1/2 inches of rain. Unheard of. It was the second largest rainfall since they have been record keeping.

    It is calling for sun and heat increases by tomorrow.....and it's about time.

  4. Methinks you may be making a few RVers in the west a wee bit envious (or worse) of your hot weather in Florida.

    I like Emmie's letter to Santa - I hope he remembers and brings her everything she wants for Christmas.