Monday, November 4, 2013

RVlifeonwheels lands at Frostproof!

Yes, Frostproof is the actual name of a Town in Florida! I am not joking around with you all... it is a great spot, and is 15 miles south of Winterhaven, where we stayed last year. Frostproof used to be called Keystone City, but was changed to Frostproof, as a marketing ploy to convince potential landowners, that the Town never has, and never would have a frost! However, only a couple of years after being renamed, a terrible frost came, and killed the citrus crops! Now, apparently that is a rumor only... we are not sure.

Anyways, it is 26 degrees here tonight, so I rest my case! We are happy campers!

So, we made the 536 klm. run from Savannah, Georgia, down to Frostproof with no incidents. It was a great day to drive. We made it here in 4 days of relatively easy driving.

The welcome committee was out in full force, as we entered the office you see above, at the Rainbow RV Resort. They could not make us feel more welcome, as they took our money for the 6 month stay! This park is really nice, and we scouted it out last spring when we stayed up in Winterhaven.

Check out our site...

We have a monster 100 foot pull through site, with Palm Trees, and all cement! We can also keep our motorcycle trailer right on our site here... a big bonus to us!

This Park is only 13 years old, and was laid out very well, giving everyone lots of room!

We did stop at the Florida State Line, to check out the Florida Welcome Centre.

It was nice and warm here, and very busy in the Centre. Yes, they give you a nice glass of Orange Juice, compliments of the State of Florida! No, I did not mee the Governor, Rick Scott.... :-(

This is the Orange Juice Bar above...

NASA is big business in Florida, and hopefully we will get over to visit the new Space Shuttle Exibit, featuring the Space Shuttle Atlantis! Stay tuned!

How hokey is the picture above... when you stop at the Welcome Centre, they have a machine that takes this picture for you and then it emails it to you... had to do it! Ya, there is the odd gator down here!

We sure are looking forward to our winter down here, and I was talking on the phone to Tom and Cheryl, up in Richmond Hill tonight, as they will be here in about a month... this next picture is for you guys!

This is your site, which is actually quite large, and all cement again, to keep things nice and clean! Yes, you have a Palm Tree, but not as big as ours.... nay nay na nay nay.....

Till tomorrow...



  1. Your home for six months looks really nice. Great, long pull through too! Nice. We will look forward to the tour in the days ahead.

  2. Make certain the heat stays on for when we get down there between the holidays. It was only 7 C here at home. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Hope that is 26C.

    What a great place to spend 6 months. Looks like you have a nice breeze.

    Keep enjoying the good life.

  4. You are finally there. We have friends that winter in Frostproof at Lakemount Ridge campground. We were there last year, nice area.

  5. Frostproof sure beats Frostbite as a name even though it must tempt Mr. Murphy - bigtime!

    Nice looking site for sure.

  6. Wow! That is a really nice park! Enjoy.