Friday, November 1, 2013

On the road again...

Yes, it feels good to be on the road again!

However, our travels today did have a couple "HICUPS"...

Hooking on the motorcycle trailer started as a problem, as there were no tail lights...argh... Ended up being a bad ground wire on the trailer plug. We went to Woodstock's Canadian Tire Store and bought a new plug, and I wired it on in the parking lot! It worked!!! Yea!

Now, that problem brought us to the next one... Judy was behind me in the Jeep on the way to Canadian Tire, and I looked in the mirror at the Jeep thinking to myself, "I am sure the Jeep had two headlights..." Well, only one today! Argh....again! The Service Manager at CTC took us right in and I had him replace both headlights! Thanks Canadian Tire!

Finally on the road at 10:00 this morning, heading to Fort Erie. Oh, did I mention there was a bit of wind blowing out there today! wow... Along the QEW, it was both hands hard on the steering wheel!

Made it to the Border Crossing by noon... Quick trip into the Duty Free Shop, some lunch and head for the Border!

No big winds on the Bridge, and a great Border Agent that just asked the minimum amount of questions, and made sure we had no rocket launchers on board!


By 6:00 tonight, we were kamped out at the Washington KOA. Yes, they deliver Pizza here right to your RV door with a smile! Check out the welcoming committee above that greeted us at the front gates!

Check out Gwenny the Dino from last night!

She had a ball!

Paige and Emmie got out in Ottawa! Too much fun!

Back on the road tomorrow...



  1. Hick-ups no problem. Just glad you made it Safe. Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Your little granddaughters sure look cute. Halloween is so much fun for the little ones.

  3. You sure made good progress on you first day, keep it up and you will be in Florida before we get to Oklahoma.
    Travel safe and have fun.

  4. Glad to hear you guys have made it to stop #1 along the way. Keep up the safe travels. Thinking about you as the winds were blowing this am.
    Wish we were parked next door.!!!

  5. At least they weren't huge hiccups and you were still able to get on the road. Best kind of welcoming committee ever.

  6. Hiccups are always better than throw-ups, John. Glad to hear it was only minor stuff.

    The girls all look great in their Halloween costumes - lots of fun.