Friday, November 29, 2013

Welcome to Black Friday!

Well, there was only one reported Black Friday shooting reported in Florida, believe it or not, and it was someone who shot at someone else for kind of taking a parking spot at a Mall that the shooter thought he should have... go figure! No one apparently hurt. There was another incident at a Walmart Store where a crowd of people started fighting over some flat screen TV's and the Police had to come and break it up...

Judy and I took a bit of a tour today in the Jeep. We were going to take the motorcycles out, but if you can believe it, I was lifting a pair socks out of my sock drawer and threw my back out! Ouch! So, we travelled in the Jeep instead. We headed down to another local Town, called Sebring.

It is only a 32 klms. down to Sebring so did not take long. It is a nice little Town built around Lake Jackson. It is right off Highway 27, which cuts Florida in two down the middle!

We enjoyed riding the lakeview road around Lake Jackson, taking in all the nice waterfront properties. We headed downtown to find Sebring is built a lot like Goderich, Ontario... they both are built around the Town Circle. Sebring had their's all set up for Christmas.

I am sure that it would look 100% better all done up with the lights on a night. Santa come here in the evening to meet the litttle ones. Judy and I enjoyed lunch at Dee's Restaurant downtown, which was real good.

We did stop around 1:30 up at the Walmart Store in Sebring. Judy had spotted a new ottoman that she saw on a Black Friday Special Flyer, and low and behold they had one. The flyer said it was on for $29.00, but it was marked as a Manager's Special for $20.00! Fit perfect where Judy wanted to put it!

We also stopped at the local Chevrolet Dealer in Avon Park on the way home, and for $19.95 had a complete oil change done to our Jeep.

Gwenny told me she had her snow tires installed, so she was safe to fly the back roads with her fancy car!

Now, you can't tell it here in this picture of Charlie, but Kristina reports that he cut his first tooth! She can feel it with her finger! Steak will be on the menu soon!

Well, off to watch my Leafs take on the Sabres tonight!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sounds like you got a couple of good deals without getting shot in the parking lot, Thats pretty good.

  2. Black Friday is a great time to stay OUT of the stores!! Nice pictures of Sebring. And Gwenny sure looks ready to roll. Just look at all that snow - brrrr!

  3. Great to see Gwenny's got snow tires but I think a heater might be better!

    Way to go Charlie, bring on the real food now!

    I guess folks are just lucky that the guy who got shot at for taking a parking spot didn't start firing back. All those guns keep folks safe alright.

  4. Next time in Sebring, go to Homers. Its a nice buffet.

  5. Hmmm, sore back is no fun! I hope it torques its way back into place and you feel fin soon.

    Shootings in parking lots? Not surprised! Jeanette had a tire slashed in a parking lot because the perp was peeved that she had taken what he believed was his spot - although she had long had her signal on and had been waiting for the vehicle to back out.