Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Our first full day in Florida... clean up of course!

When we stopped for orange juice at the Florida Welcome Centre, I gave the Lady, $20.00 and asked her for the real good weather throughout this coming winter! Well, it seems like $20.00 well spent, as today was beautiful! Over 80 deg. F. today which Siri tells me is 27 deg. C. Lots of sun, however there was a bit of wind from the east, but it just made the day more enjoyable! The Staff at the Office told me yesterday this was a real hot summer in Florida. Over 100 deg. F. on many days. The ten day forecast says over 80 deg. F. every day coming! Bring it on!

So, after our 2,500 kilometer drive, things got dirty! Out came the hose and bucket today to start the cleanup. The Jeep is very happy again, after receiving the full treatment inside and out! Sure is nice to have a nice cement driveway to work on! Love it!

Actually the motorcycle trailer got cleaned first, then the Jeep. Check out how clean the trailer is now...feeling good! It got pretty dirty after being dragged down to Florida.

After the exterior was cleaned up, I liberated the motorcycles from being tied down inside. I tie them down very hard with 6 straps each, and make it so the suspension is gone on the bike. This keeps them motionless for the entire drive, but I don't really like supressing the suspension for too long, so made sure the straps came off today. All is good, and they are ready to roll!

Attention next turned to the Motorhome. I put the awnings out, with our sun screens. The front of the Motorhome is facing due south, and the side door is facing due west, so we will get a lot of Florida sun all afternoon. They also act as a fantastic wind break, so all is good.

I decided not to wash up the Motorhome today... problem was it got too hot and I am not really used to this type of heat to be truthfull, so I decided to take it easy after cleaning the trailer and Jeep. Had to sit and drink water, and find something to eat! Besides, Rome was not built in a day Judy reminded me, and I can always clean the MH another day...

When I was talking with Tom yesterday on the phone, he was asking about the boat launch facility. We went out this afternoon and found it. It is directly behind our Resort, and is a nice public launch open to all, and takes you out onto Crooked Lake. Bring on the kayaks! Did not see any Gators, but you never know....

While we were out, we took the 12 mile drive south on Highway 27 to Avon Park, to visit Walmart. Judy picked up a new Tracfone to keep her in touch while she is in the States.

This is a nice no contract phone, and for $40.00 she gets 140 minutes that are good until April of next year. She can always add more minutes if necessary, really cheap. This phone will call Canada.

Judy spent the morning down at the swimming pool doing the pool exercises with a group of 10. The pool she reports is about 85 deg. F. I have yet to get around to trying out the facilities, but I did have my eye on the two real nice hot tubs by the pool!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We love our tracfone too. You have a few months to was those vehicles so no need to rush. Enjoy your time there.

  2. We use the TracFone too. Good work with cleaning up after the long drive. Enjoy a libation in the shade. Well deserved, say I.

  3. You know what they say...all work and no play etc. Putting off the MH for another day is a good idea. You worked hard...now go enjoy the good life.

  4. That pool area sure looks nice - I think I would have been in the pool before I tackled cleaning up the rigs!

    There are gators in that lake - I just know it! Be careful.