Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Am I in DHS???

Yes, for a while today, I thought I might have been out west in Desert Hot Springs! Why, cause the winds were a blowing! Anyone who has spent any time in Arizona, California, or New Mexico knows that the winds can blow, especially if you are out in the desert. We have lived through a few desert storms while out west and survived!

Check out the video I have posted below... now it may seem real tame compared to what goes on out west, but it was pretty windy here today.

The winds lasted all day long, they just kept blowing and would not go away. This morning we attended the weekly coffee meeting at the main hall, to catch up on all the activities that go on in this place, and there are many.

This afternoon was spent around the park... we both ended up in the Parks Gym, for a good workout. They Gym is really well equipted, with all the equipment being new.

Looks like today is the only bad day, as our weather will improve from here forward, so back to regular activities.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Those trees sure do look like some I have seen in DHS! You're lucky it only lasts for a day.

  2. That wind was sent your way to remind you of what you are not missing out there in DHS.

    We are headed to the US southwest and we'll see how the winds are in Lake Pleasant, AZ, Sedona, AZ, Tucson, AZ and areas south of there in Bisbee....etc.

  3. Hey, that wind didn't look so bad. There weren't even any whitecaps in the swimming pool!!

  4. Yeah where is the waves in the pool, can't wait to get to Arizona, next month for the dry air and desert. We really don't like to rush.
    Enjoy Frostproof.