Sunday, November 3, 2013

Georgia's on my mind...

Well, we have turned into travel long fools, banging off another 605 klms. today! Gonna wear our Duramax Diesel out! We are in Savannah, Georgia tonight at the Savannah Oaks RV Resort, which is a Good Sam Resort. We were about 6 hours on the road tonight, but are back in the land of the Palm Trees.
Savannah is Georgia's first City. I rented an airplane to get this aerial shot of Downtown...spare no expense!

Lots of Oak Trees and Spanish Moss around here...

This Town is dripping in history, and deserves a big tour one day...

We found a Walmart to get stocked up when we arrived.

Ended up with a nice full service pull through this evening...

Not sure about tomorrow yet... Till then...



  1. Savannah is one my one my all time favorite cities. There is so much to see. If you didn't read, "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" do! It is a true story. All the sites are right there in Savannah. The cemetery is wonderful.

  2. That was a good drive today. Savannah is a beautiful and most historic city that deserves a focused tour when your time permits. Better yet, you are very close to Hilton Head, SC, famous for the top class golf courses there. That in itself is worth a tour.

  3. We took the Olde Town Trolley Tour in April and saw a lot we would not have seen on our own. Now our next visit we can be more selective of what we see and spend more time doing it. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. When you guys say you are heading south you sure don't waste much time. Keep safe and have fun.

  5. Wow you got south fast! Will be making our way to Florida over the next 2 weeks have some visiting to do in VA and NC then on to The Glades where we were last year.

  6. You are not wasting any time, we enjoy the actual journey as much as the destination, but then we have no destination, the way we like to travel.
    Have fun and travel safe on the road.

  7. Y'all are moving pretty fast along those freeways!

    Thanks for splurging on the plane to get those aerial shots of Savannah - we readers appreciate your efforts.