Thursday, November 21, 2013

Little not so little anymore!

The time sure goes by fast it seems, even faster when you are down enjoying some nice warm southern weather like we are. Today was a nice warm 78 deg. F. or around 26 deg. C. or so, however we did get some nice rain here this evening.

Judy and I have been tied up the past couple of days taking care of some personal business, so blog topics have been hard to come by... HOWEVER...

How about this...

Google + Hangouts! What a great new feature! Fellow Bloggers George and Rick, have recently blogged about the fact you can now make telephone calls to any telephone number in North America, for FREE! Ya, I like that word! Ever since reading their blogs Judy and I have used this feature quite a bit, and is certainly a bit of a game changer for us. We use our iPhone 5 on the Bell Network, and are limited to 250 minutes a month. This new feature thank to Google will save us money$$$$. The quality of the phone calls is also simply excellent! You would never know the call is being made over the internet! Thanks to my fellow Bloggers for the heads up on this one!

Next tonight, is our precious little Grandaughter Paige... who is not quite so little anymore! Shawn and Jenn posted her Pre-Kindergarten Picture the other day, and it floored me! She is getting so big!

Well, my favourite Toronto Maple Leafs have just started their game tonight against Nashville... must go and make sure they stick to playing hockey!

Till tomorrow...




  1. I have not used Hangout. I am using what apps.
    Cute grand daughter.

  2. Thanks for the shout.
    The Google Hangouts sure is another handy new feature, we are now using that as well and the Gmail feature for free phone calls from our computers that we have used for a couple of years too.
    They sure do grow up fast!

  3. Glad to hear your taking advantage of the G+ phone call features - I like 'free' to and this is going to be a real bonus for us while we're down south this year - no more TracFone!

    Paige is simply beautiful and please let her Mom know I'm always impressed at how nicely dressed and "sparkly" both girls always look.

  4. We're covered in rain here in Death Valley. I'm guessing this area has reached its yearly rainfall average, these past 36 hours or so. It helps to keep the desert dust down....but it sure cuts into touring with the motorcycle.

    Great shot of Paige. We concur that grand kids do grow quickly.

  5. What a beautiful picture of Paige! Sometimes I wish my grands were still little. They grow up too fast.