Tuesday, November 26, 2013

This Blog will show you how to make "Mow...Money!!!"

We had a big change in our weather today! It got hotter! Yes, how did that happen???? It was easy, all the wind shifted to coming up from the south! All that nice weather from the tropics just blew in here today, with temps well up into the 80's, however we did have a bit of wind. (Maybe a good thing....)

I am not totally over my cold yet, as it continues to hang in there... hard to believe. This morning Judy got me out on my bicycle to try and burn the cold out of my system. We did a couple laps around our Park, which equates to 2 1/2 miles. While we were biking, we did find out how to make "mow money"...

Rainbow Resort with 499 lots, is like a small city, with many Contractors on site working all the time. These guys were cutting down the grass making mow money! Everything in this Park is done by professionals, and the place looks like it! It is very well kept and highly maintained. We have been informed they are going to close our pool for two days, to change out all the pool equipment, just to update it, and keep it efficient. They are always doing something around here.

This afternoon we had no real agenda, so we both decided on doing something we hardly ever do. We went to the afternoon matinee at the local theatre.

We made the 20 minute drive up towards Lake Wales to the Eagle Ridge Mall.

A year or so ago, while visiting with David and Angella out in Lake Havasu City in Az., we all went to watch the first in a series of films, called "The Hunger Games"

We enjoyed the movie so much in Lake Havasu, we obtained copies of the 3 books published. They are a terrific read if you have not read them yet. On November 21st., they released the second movie, "Catching Fire".


Jennifer Lawrence stars in these movies, playing the part of "Katnise Everdeen"...

Who ever scripted her for this part, knew what they were doing. She simply does an excellent job portraying the Character Katnise from the Books. The last book will be split into two movies... why not! The budget for "Catching Fire" was $130 Million, and the first weekend gross for the movie was $158 Million, so why not split the last book into to movies! Both Judy and I agreed we liked this second movie, better than the first one!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Paul really enjoyed the books. I can't get into them. Glad you enjoyed the movie.

  2. Thanks for the tip maybe a new book for us to read, will check it out.

  3. I enjoyed the books but I have not seen the movies. I have read mixed reviews. Glad you enjoyed them.

  4. Have not read the books nor seen the movies. Noted though!

    Hope you shake the cold quickly.

  5. It's nice to hear that park does a good job of maintaining their facilities as too many don't.

    I haven't read the books but we did see the first Hunger Games on DVD. That's probably how we'll see the current version as well.

  6. Oh, good, wanted to see this second one, but you always wonder if they can 'hold true' and be as good as the 1st one or the books... Now can't wait to go see this one too!!!