Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Disney's Wild Animal Kingdom...

This is a stock Disney Photo above of the Animal Kingdom. If you have not made it there... it is another great spot to visit. Let's face it... Disney does nothing bad! All four Parks in Florida are amazing!

Just a nice sized crowd showed up to get in at the 9:00 a.m. opening. This is a great time of the year to visit Disney, as it is not super busy... don't come in the next week or so though, as American Thanksgiving is coming, and it will be packed!

The Tree of Life is an amazing sight at the Animal Kingdom... man made and you can stare at it for hours!

There is lots of this going on, in the fancy rocks Disney make all over the Park...

Disney is all about attention to detail... incredible!

In the opening picture you see one of the off road vehicles used for the African Safari... we took the Safari, and it is one of the big attractions in this Park. What a neat ride... you see everything!

Check out the Rhino... took these from the Safari Ride...

Those are all 500 lbs. of Hippo!

This Giraffe above was running... something to see!

What a ride the Safari was, animal after animal...

Next we took in an amazing presentation in the Lion King Theatre... what a show!

We also took in an amazing Bird of Prey Show... these are always fun to watch...

All this trainer could do was carry in this American Bald Headed Eagle... what a bird!

You may think.... "WHAT... a mountain in Florida, snow capped no less..." You would be wrong... man made again, and just a nice disguise as a roller coaster! It was a fast exciting ride we all enjoyed!

Now we look kind of calm above... but it was just the moment, they don't want to show you pictures of yourself in shear terror!

Here is Garry and Shelly, Judy and I on another great ride through Dinosaur Country!

The Tiger Exhibit was something else... what a majestic animal!

Mickey Mouse ice cream!


Of course, it would not be Disney without a Parade!

Of course it ended off with Mickey Mouse, the Star of the Show!

Judy and I are back in Frostproof tonight after enjoying two days at Disney with Garry and Shelly. We had simply a fantastic time! Many thanks to them for inviting us to join them on their vacation! We enjoyed. Great accomodations, good food, two fantastic Parks to visit, and fantastic weather, what else could we ask for!

Back to normal life now...

Till tomorrow...



  1. All of those great photos - including your story about your activities there - sure whet our appetite to get there too.

    Too much fun!!!

  2. How can you not have a great time there, thanks for all the great pics.

  3. What an excellent day. The Tree of Life is amazing. It is amazing how the Disney people thought of all of this.

  4. What? No Mickey Mouse Ears?

    That was a great tour and about as close as I'd really want to get to Africa and all those wild animals.

    Disney has always done a great job of entertaining young and old.