Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CSA Snowbird Extraveganza!

I am sure each and everyone of you will remember a year ago when I blogged about this big Snowbird Show in Lakeland...right? Well, we took it in again this year, with Tom and Cheryl in tow.

It is the 20th Anniversary of this show which is sponsored by the CSA, (Canadian Snowbird Association). One thing about this show... it is really very Canadianish...

Above is a small section of the Lakeland Centre, home of the show... there is a very large Theatre as part of the Complex.

There are two big halls full of booths that you can visit, and buy everything from t-shirts to cookware.... lots of promotion of various Resorts go on here as well.

We met this young gal above, from Sea World, who had this bird with her... it looks like an owl, but it is not. Forget what she called it now... can you tell I was at a snowbird convention?????

Of course they had a hockey challenge... you had to shoot out the lights on the board behind me...I did not do that great... it has been a while since I had a hockey stick in my hands, and the Leaf Helmet didn't help... but I had a large Canadian Crowd cheering me on!

After I took off my Helmet, Judy pointed out to me that Walter Gretzky was signing autographs! Alright! Cheryl and I were right there, as she is a hockey fan as well. Walter looked terrific, and for those of you who are not Hockey Fans, Walter is the Father of Wayne Gretzky, and a famous Canadian. It was great to talk to Walter, and we got a photo op with him below...

I had a picture of Judy and I with Walter, but it turned out very fuzzy as the step in photographer did not focus properly... rats!

After we covered all the booths, we headed to the main theatre, where we caught some great Canadian Acts. The Theatre was packed, probably 3,000 plus people


The first act we saw was Leona Boyd. She is a well known entertainer, with her Classical Guitar! She did not dissapoint at all, and sings now, where she did not sing earlier in her Career.

Next up was a performance by Juno Award Winner, Michelle Wright! She was Canadian Country and Western Female Singer of the year a couple times! She put on an amazing show for us all, with a very strong voice.

The show ended with a great performance by John McDermott, with his Irish Roots! He did a terrific job as well. Great show overall, and we enjoyed every minute of it!


While we spent the past week over in Venice with the kids, Tom and Cherl were our caregivers for our cat, Patra! No pets allowed in the Vacation Home. We took Tom and Cherl out tonight for dinner at Chilis Restaurant in Lake Wales, on the way home from the Snowbird Show to show our appreciation of the fine care Patra received! This is a great place to eat, and we all enjoyed a nice steak dinner tonight...

Till tomorrow...



  1. I have heard John McDermott perform on TV. He was fabulous. I am sure he was twice as good up close and personal.

  2. Liona still looks pretty darned good. I still have an LP of her's that she cut when she lived in Toronto back in the 70s. Of course, I have no means of playing it these days...
    By the way, from a certain angle you look just a bit like ole Walter.

  3. A fun time you had there, do a lot of "Canadian" stuff.
    Ended up with and awesome steal dinner.

  4. Great entertainment at the show, topped off with a personal visit and photo op with Walter Gretzky, made for a really fun day.

  5. They sure had great entertainment at the Snowbird show didn't they!

    Great to see old Walter getting out and about. He's almost as well known to all Canadians as the Great One! Maybe he could have given you a few tips on 'shooting out the lights'!