Monday, January 6, 2014

In search of Bok...

What a wild winter of weather going on around us this year. Ontario is getting hammered again today and this evening with snow and freezing cold temperatures that are closing in on -40! Good luck up there everyone... throw another log on the fire and grab a blanket! This is certainly one of the coldest winters in a long time up north.

It hit up in the 70's here today, and was a very pleasant day overall, however as I type this Blog up tonight, the temperature is dropping like a rock! It is down to 53 degrees now, and will hit to the 40's tonight. It will be cold orange juice tomorrow!

Now check out this tree frog. Last night, I got up to close our big door at around 10:30 and as I did, this guy jumped into the motorhome, landing right beside Patra. She didn't even flinch, seeing these frogs before. It took me a couple minutes to coral him in this glass, taking his picture before letting him go outside on our lawn. Don't look real happy, does he...

This afternoon Judy and Cheryl were going down to the Club House to take lessons on the game of pool. While they were there, I was heading out on my motorcycle for a nice ride on a warm day, and in search of a couple grocery items we needed. I made my way up the Scenic Highway to the Lake Wales area. One thing I sure miss about being out west in Az. and Ca. is the mountains. It is hard to find a big vista here to ride up on, and take a look over the land for a hundred miles.

Florida has a ridge that is the high point of land and runs north south down the centre of Florida. If you look at the pic above, in the distance you can see Bok Tower, as a wee spec sticking up from the ground. I tried to get close to the Tower today, but you simply cannot. You have to enter the grounds. I had a nose bleed today from the elevation here... it is 300 feet above sea level... the highest point in Florida! (wow...look how clean my bike is in the picture :-))

OK, so here is a file picture of the Bok Tower, built in the early 1920's by Edward Bok. There is also a very fancy Victorian Style Home on the property you can visit. It has been made a National Historic Site in Florida, and has enjoyed over 23 million vistors since it was built!

I did find a nice orange tree while I was out touring around today... no, you do not take any of the oranges, that is highly frowned upon here...

Between Lake Wales and Frostproof, is a nice lake front Community, which looks pretty new. Only 2 houses built so far, out of about 25 lots available.

I found this lot for sale, and was listed for only $85,000.00 USD (Cheap????) I could live here...

Can't be just showing you pictures of my motorcycle all night, so I did find a couple pictures of Paige and Emmie that Jenn posted.

Seems Dr. Shawn was spending a night at the Hospital, so the girls had a big make up party...

Looks to me like they got hungry after doing the make up! Had lots of fun though by the looks of it!

Till tomorrow...



  1. We can't believe we are in Houston, TX. 32 this morning and now it is getting down to 20 tonight. This is crazy.

    The girls are sure cuties!

  2. If you get a chance to tour the Bok property, it's very nice. He has some interesting books to read.

  3. Our pool teacher never showed up. Do you think he heard somewhere just how bad Judy and I play?? Might have scared him away.

  4. I would have enjoyed a motorcycle ride too in those temperatures you had. Nice tour! Nice bike shots too. I like the color black!!!!

  5. There is just something about the southwest we love. Did some Florida stuff last year, and was ok, this feels more like home out here.
    Keep yourselves warm there it will soon warm up for you.

  6. Sounds like you may be in store for some frozen orange juice in the morning.

    I like Paige and Emmie's idea of using chocolate icing for makeup - that could start a new trend and make them both rich!