Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy Birthday Emmie...

Yes, our first Grandchild turns 6 years old today! Happy Birthday Emmie!!!!

6 years ago, Judy and I were in Gravenhurst, working, when we got the big call that Emmie had been born down in London, Ontario. Shawn had gone to London for an interview at the Hospital for the Residency Program, and Jenn joined him on the 2 day trip, that turned into a Hospital stay for Jenn!

All went well in London 6 years ago, and Emmie has turned into quite the young Lady! It is amazing how fast time flies Emmie, and we hope to see you soon when we get back up into Canada! (Just make sure the snow is

Judy shipped some gifts up to Emmie a while ago, and we will get together with her and the Family tonight on Facetime to watch her open them up!

Not much of a day here... it rained all day, and most of last night. The only one excited about this is our lawn, as it was turning a bit brown lately.

Found a couple of pictures on Kristina's blog I thought I would share... check out what Charlie has been up to lately!

It seems that every time he crawls over to some piece of furniture, he picks himself up to a standing position! Won't be long and we know what he will be doing!

If you check the picture above, it seems Charlie has taken to bugging his big sister... poor old Gwenny, she will have to learn to escape his big grasp on her legs!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Those little ones are growing up so fast. It has been fun riding along with you two and watching the grandkids grow.

  2. We are in the bittersweet process of cleaning out all the toys at the house here. Seems like only yesterday they were all little tykes who loved the toys they could find at Grandma's house. Six years old is such a sweet age and I know you are enjoying every minute. Cannot believe Gwenny is getting so big and now Charlie is turning into a real "kid!" Do you remember the song "Turn Around?" Happens all too fast but every age has its own rewards.

  3. Ahhh his job now for the next 17 years to bug his big sister!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  4. Happy Birthday Emmie! Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

    Charlie looks like he's going to be off and walking in no time. Gwenny better get used to her little brother on her heels!

  5. Happy Birthday Emmie.
    They sure do grow up fast, nice to keep in touch.

  6. Happy birthday Emmie. I bet she can't wait to open those Florida sent birthday packages. To open them while 'Facetiming' will be quite some fun.