Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Venice Economy is Thriving...

Judy and I took care of Charlie and Gwenny today, as Chris and Kristina took off in the Jeep and kept the economy in Venice just a thriving! Lots of deals to be had!

We enjoyed soup and grilled cheese sandwiches with the kids at lunch today, "Gwenny's Favourite"!


After lunch we had the pool all set up for the kids to go out and have a swim! It was a nice day here today, but a bit cool with a wind...however, we were all protected in our back yard playground! What a great spot we picked to come and stay for the week.

The nice part of the pool complex, is that it is all enclosed. No bugs! Today with the help of the heat pump, our pool hit 84 degrees F. Perfect for swimming!

There is a 140 Acre Land Preserve, just down the road from where we are staying with trails running through it. Tom and Cheryl drove over from Frostproof to join us today, and we decided to walk down to the Preserve. We found this Gopher Turtle coming down the path at us!

Check out the video I took of him below... he could really motor!

Judy cooked up a terrific turkey dinner for us all tonight...none of us can move now!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Enjoying your posts. What a great vacation spot. We're experiencing warm weather envy here with temperatures well below zero

  2. In case you didn't notice, John, when I clicked on your photos to enlarge them I got a Flickr error message so something's gone awry.

    Great day with the grandkids and nice to see Charlie sitting up in a highchair on his own. Pretty soon he'll be eating those grilled cheese sandwiches too.

  3. Sure looks like a great spot to host the family and kids. That enclosed pool is wonderful too. There is no question as to the enthusiasm of having these great little visitors with you. Fun, fun, fun!