Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Guess it's our turn!

Tom and I walk at 8:00 each morning, and this morning was no exception, even if it gets to 38 degrees like it did this morning!

If you were walking in Ontario this morning, it would have looked like this guy above! Tom and I did complete our 5 miles this morning, in exactly 60 minutes so doing some quick math will tell you how fast we walk!

The temperatures never really hit the 50's today, so we just spent time shopping at the Eagle Ridge Mall at Lake Wales...

Tomorrow things are heading back to normal! Here is hoping...

Till tomorrow...



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  2. We had enough cool weather a month ago and just thought we would send you some.(sorry)
    Should try the southwest again, our favourite winter place to hang out.

  3. I'm just glad to see Mr. Murphy is vacationing in Florida right now and is not in Desert Hot Springs.

    Hope it warms up before the kids and grandkids head down for their holiday!