Monday, January 20, 2014

Nothing but the best!!!

Yes, nothing but the best for us today, as we decided with the great weather, to head out to Siesta Beach, which was voted as the Best Beach in the U.S.A. What a place to spend the day!

Siesta Beach is about a 45 minute drive north for us, and it is located at Sarasota. We took up the Dodge Van the kids rented, as we could all fit it, car seats and all!

Unloading all our beach gear above...check out the nice blue skies we had all day!

This Beach is known for it's super white sand, and very fine sand, easy on your feet! It started off not too bad, but by after lunch the beach filled up, probably as it is Martin Luther King Day in the U.S.A.

Right away, Judy and Gwenny were into the Gulf of Mexico! (My favourite pic of the day!) Now, catch this.... the water is only 59 deg. F. but that did not seem to bother many people at all. This photographer stayed routed on the beach with iPhone 5 in hand!

Above Gwenny got right into building sand castles and roads on the beach! Lots of work to be done!

Before long we had many high rise Condo's on the landscape, just like in Toronto! We also had monster seagulls swooping by, looking for food out of the Condos! Gwenny and I both voted for Rob Ford to be the Mayor of our Condo Project!

Gwenny got right into picking up seashells from the Gulf Shores... she put one on the roof of each Condo! I took a video below of Gwenny taking care of her Condos!

Below is a pic of a young guy who had a real neat helicopter on the beach... he was flying it all over the place taking HD Video with it. He told me he had $1,300 invested in building this toy! I WANT ONE!!!!! (Not going to happen...)

Charle came to the beach, and had a ball! He only ate one handfull of sand all day!

Above I had Gwenny out on the front step of the house, practicing with the beach ball before we left!

When we got back to the house this afternoon, Chris installed the Gwenny proof fence around the pool. You need this with the young one, moving around the way they do. This fencing is very strong!

We all had just one fantastic day at the beach, including a great lunch Judy put together!

Till tomorrow...


  1. That beach looks so beautiful and inviting.

    I won't go in the water when it is 75 let alone 59...brrrrr!

    Great idea putting that fence around the pool. We can never be too safe with little ones around.

  2. Great way to celebrate Martin Luther King day. The beach looked most inviting. Good fun with the family is tough to beat.

  3. Nothing like a great day at the beach, and even more fun with the little ones.

  4. Looks like a great day for the family at the beach! What fun!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  5. I was wondering about that pool so I'm glad to see the fence go up around it.

    Sure glad to see the weather's great for the kid's visit. That beach looked spectacular except for the 59F water - that would kill me!!

    Gwenny's quite the little architect!