Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First's on the First...

Hope everyone had a great New Years...Judy and I watched the big Ball drop onto Time Square... that is sure a timeless event.

All that I did today after walking the Park 3 times with Judy, was get ready to watch the Winter Classic. It was very important this year, as my Leafs played against Detriot at the Big House in Michigan. What a game it was! Lots of snow falling, but that only added to the atmosphere. Toronto ended up winning in the shoot out! Hey, we will take the 2 points, any way we can get them! Oh ya... 105,500 other fans showed up to watch! Do the math on ticket sales!

The teams broke out their retro jesserys for this one...

This was the First time a Canadian Team played in the Winter Classic.

Check this out below... for the FIRST time, on the first, Charlie started to crawl for us, right on Facetime!

Learning to crawl, is all about how you hold your tongue!

We were all cheering him on from Florida, as he made his way across the kitchen floor... good job!

For the first time above, Gwenny was on her skates, and taking her first face off! That is Dad on the left, and Grandpa dropping the puck! Looked like a great day to be outside.

The Toronto Star was reporting that Gwenny was soon to sign her first NHL Contract! I like the red stick.

Meanwihle over in Mississauga, Paige and Emmie were off to see Aladdin, the Musical over the Holidays. I am sure they enjoyed this one!

Nothing better than catching up with the Grands...

Till tomorrow...



  1. Great post. You sure have cute grandkids! Can't believe Gwenny is out on ice skates already.

  2. Another nice post showing all that wonderful weather back home that you are missing.

  3. Way to go Charlie! I'm going to have to send Mason that pic to show him how it's done!

    Sure looked cold up there in Ontario but I'm guessing Gwenny didn't mind one bit.

    Cute pic of the grands at Aladdin.

    Great way to start off 2014 for sure.