Thursday, January 2, 2014

Great Day for a bike tour...

It seems to have been about a week since the sun was out, but it made up for it today. Beautiful day in the 80's with a breeze from the south.

After all our walking exercise was done this morning, and Judy gave me a new Florida Haircut, we decided to go for a little tour on the motorcycles.


We ended up driving north on the scenic highway #17 north to Haines City.

We took a tour out to Lake Hatchineha, which is only about a 1 hour drive. I had dinner one night at the Port Steak and Seafood Restaurant, right on the waterfront, and I wanted to see this area in daylight. Lots of air boats and regular boats use this lake for fishing, that is the big draw.

A lot of the homes are right on the canal system, so you can ride your boat right up to your dock. For some reason, while we were there, no boat traffic came by... guess they were all fishing. I was hoping to see an air boat in action.

This is a file picture above of an air boat, in case you are not sure what they look like. They sound like an airplane! Very loud!

Yup, looks like good fishing area to me.


It is hard to tell, but this is the only air boat I saw today... parked in a driveway!

The Restaurant is the building on the left... screened seating outside... very nice place to eat, great seafood, and steak!

We stopped at a small park called Lake Marie, just sout of the Town of Dundee. These are all neat little Towns, dotted along to way of the Scenic Highway. There is a nice bicycle path around this lake, and we may bring our bikes up one day soon.

After we got home at around 4:00 this afternoon, we ended up with a major rain storm out of the south! Biggest rain storm since we have arrived! I was reading Rick's Blog last night, and he was talking of Palm Springs getting 2.5 inches of rain all last year! We beat that today!

This evening we enjoyed going down to Sebring to catch is weeks meeting of the motorcycle club. Took the Jeep though, with all the rain!

Till tomorrow...



  1. I dream of riding and can't wai to get back south.

  2. Nice our here in southern Cal, but you have been here.
    nice that you got home before the rain.

  3. That fishing area you showed looked like prime alligator country to me! I'd want a battleship to fish in there!

    You guys in Florida have had a pretty nice winter so a little rain's o.k.