Saturday, January 18, 2014

What a bunch of Losers!

We had to have our weekly weigh in today, as Judy and I will be taking off tomorrow for Venice. It was another bright suny day here, however it is cooling down overnight still.

It seems we all took the weight loss very serious this third week of our contest. In total, the four of us lost an amazing 8.3 lbs. for this week alone... that makes for a grand total of 22.2 lbs lost for the 3 weeks that we have been doing this! Not bad.

As usual, I will only coment on my own stats, to keep peace between family and friends... I lost a total of 2.4 lbs. this week, when I actually thought to myself that I had slipped a bit, and might have actually put on weight. Hard to judge sometimes. I have now lost 8.2 lbs. over 3 weeks! Gotta keep it going! So far, I am still the biggest loser of our group, so I can't take my foot off the gas!

Spent the afternoon today packing up our Jeep getting ready to head out tomorrow morning to meet up with the kids over in Venice. Our Jeep is fully loaded! Yikes... you think we were moving there forever!

Till tomorrow...



  1. What a looser, good for you.
    Have fun in Venice.

  2. Well good for you. Where the heck is it coming from tough? You don't look like you have *that* much extra hanging around. Did you just cut out beer? Beer is my nemesis.

  3. You da loser, John!! Way to go that's pretty impressive losing 8.2 lbs even though you never struck me as ever needing to lose weight.

    I should probably try that but heck - I'll just wait until I get home. I've got an old suit I need to fit in for the big summer wedding!