Thursday, January 16, 2014

What is in Sebring???

What a terrific sunny day it was today, although it only got to about 57 deg. we did manage to spend most of the day out and about having a ball! Of course Tom and I walked our 5 miles around the race course at Rainbow this morning, just keeping in shape!

This afternoon, I wanted to head down to Sebring to check out a few things. The first thing on the agenda, was to find the Sebring International Raceway. It was not hard to find, out by the Sebring Regional Airport.

This is a nice 3.7 mile race track that has been around for a long time... They have a 12 hour race here every March that is really popular. All the big Indy Style Car Race Teams come here to do testing of their cars.

You are able to drive right in the race grounds during the day, and watch to see if anyone is out doing testing. We got lucky today.

This is a file picture above, of what race day can look like at Sebring... a busy spot with lots of race fans.

Above you see a nice race prepared Porche making it's way around the track this afternoon. He was flying! There was another one from the same team on the track with him. They sounded sweet. Tom and I met a couple of local guys who just like us, came out to watch and see if anyone was out testing. I made a short video of these two cars in action just below here...


We met a nice young guy from Sebing, who is a Paramedic with Polk County on a Fire Truck. This is his car below... Tom and I wanted him to take this Viper out on the track but he would have no part of it!


After we left the Race Track, (to the great relief of Cheryl and Judy...) we headed out to Florida's, Hammock State Park, on the east side of Sebring. It is called Hammock, due to the big Hammock of Trees inside the Park.

Back in the 1930's, during the Depression, the CCC was formed in the United States, as a make work project for men around the U.S. They were given a bunch of different projects to complete over 12 months. Over 3,000 projects were finished. They built the Rec Hall you see above at Hammock State Park, which is now a Museum for the CCC. Judy and I have come across many projects across the Country that were completed by the CCC.

This monument is dedicated to 280 CCC Workers who lost their lives on a project in the Upper Keys during a huricane.

There are 6 great hiking trails, and we completed one of them today... it was all a big boardwalk over a Florida Swamp.

Here comes your tourist ready for action.

Hhhmmmmmm..... 1/2 way through we lost 1/2 of the hand rail it seemed... Hang on!

Yes, there are snakes and gators in here... but we stayed away from them today!

It was a great little hike, and we plan to come back to this Park for a day.

By the time we left the Park it was after 5:00, and we decided to stop and have dinner at a local Restaurant in Sebring. We went to Cang Tong Chinese and Sushi, which also has a Japanese Steak House in it. Judy had this place high on her list of to do's.

When you have dinner here, it is a lot of show, and a great dinner! Our Cook was fantastic in preparing our dinners. I had a steak and chicken combo dish. It is all made in front of you on the grill.

This was our fried rice, in the form of a heart, with an arrow and flames, that he called "heartburn"!!!

It was fun just wathing this guy work... his hands were a constant blur and all the tools were just a flying... you had to be there.

This is a neat video above, of an onion that he turns into a volcano! Check out the fake mustard bottle that he pretends to squirt Cheryl with... lots of fun!

As you can see, it was a fun day in Florida...

Till tomorrow...



  1. That was a pretty darned nice day out and about. I love race tracks and would have enjoyed watching those cars race around too. Closing off with dinner is hard to beat. Nice!

  2. Looks like you enjoy a fun filled day ending with and entertaining and tasty supper.
    Thans for sharing.

  3. Looked like a fun day. That Sebring race track sure looked to be more fun than the round and round ones.

    That swamp walk looked a little treacherous - wouldn't want to slip and fall in there to be gator bait.

    Dinner out too? What a day!

  4. Wow.. you got a lot done in one day. What a nice walk to make a Florida swamp accessable to the average person and not have to be a super hiker or rent a boat to see that area. Nice!

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard