Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 1 Report...

Yes, today was the end of week one of our challenge to see who is going to be the biggest loser. Tom and Cheryl came up at 10:30 this morning for the weigh in on our Wii Machine.

Now, what I can tell you is we all did pretty good. I started last week with a weight of 184.25 lbs, and I weighed in today at 180.25 lbs., so I lost 4 pounds during the week! Allright!!!

Problem was Judy lost a little bit less weight than me overall, but she was the biggest loser for the week, based on % of body weight lost, which is the fair way to do it. Good news for me is, we don't declare the winner until Feb. 14th.

I can also tell you that in total, we lost 11.2 lbs. between the four of us this past week... pretty good ehhh?

After our weigh in, we all jumped in Tom and Cheryl's truck, and headed off to the Circle B Preserve. We were just there a week or so ago, but Judy managed to get us signed up for the Tram Ride today.

This was a two hour tour on the tram you see above, in the 1,200 acres of land that make up the preserve. The tram holds 25 people.

This preserve can be spooky in places, with all the old Oak Trees, and tons of Spanish Moss. The Oak trees are over 90 years old.

This land is known as scrub land, and the Oak Trees were planted for a reason. The Ranch used to be an active Cattle Ranch back in it's day, and they need the shade of the Oak Trees to keep the Cattle cool. It gets hot in Florida, especially in the summer time. Today, our temps hit up to 86 deg. F. which was welcome after two days ago when it did not get out of the 40's...

Check out the Batman Bird above... I caught him sitting on the back of a big soft shell turtle this afternoon. He stands there drying out his wings, after fishing, as he has no natural oils on his body to keep himself waterproof so to speak, so he has to dry his wings in the sun. Guess the turtle makes a good pearch. The proper name of this bird is the "Hanhinga".

We got to watch a Bald Eagle sitting on his or her nest today, but it was too far away for our cameras. Nice to see.

So, overall just a great day again here in Florida.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Keep up that loosing program and the wonderful sightseeing tours.

  2. Keep it up on the weight loss and you too could be featured on the US TV program, 'The Biggest Loser'.

  3. I'm betting on you to always be the Biggest Loser, John!