Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday...pretty cool!

Ya, the old north wind was blowing again here in Venice, and it hardly reached 70 deg. F. today...It is now wonder, as it is really cold up north... reports are that the Great Lakes are over 60% frozen now, which has not happened in the last 20 years!

This morning after breakfast, we all headed down to the Dome Market, just down the road from where we are staying. This is an enclosed market under a big dome roof. Lots of people come to attend on Friday, Saturday, and Suday each week.

We were there for over an hour, with a few of the bargooooons being picked up! I purchased two new Golf Style Shirts I really liked, for $12.00 for the both of them, and a nice new leather wallet for $20.00 to hold all that money I never have anywhere to put!

This afternoon, we headed to downtown Venice to do some exploring. They have a bunch of nice parks to walk around, however, as it is now winter, not much is in bloom or growing.

Gwenny found this monster sea turtle to climb on...

Then she found this bronze manatee to shake hands with, but not really willing to pose with.

Check out this tree above... don't even ask, I don't know!

Back in the mid 1920's, Venice started to grow, with fancy Mediterrinean Architecture evident in a lot of the homes. This dream died during the Great Depression, and stock market crash, but some of the homes are still present.

We enjoyed the nice walk around, and found a great park for the kids to play in for a while...

Check out this video, I was shooting Gwenny on a slide, and all of a sudden, two Warbirds from the Second World War flew overhead. They were at the local airport on display.

First you will see the B-17, Flying Fortress, and then a P-51C Red Tail Fighter. Kind of neat to see them take to the skies over Venice.

Time with the kids is getting short, as we near the end of the week!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Another good day with plenty of distractions for the grand kids. I could not see your video but that was likely the the fault of the Virgin Mobile To Go card we are presently using for internet stuff.

  2. After reading your email, Judy, I tried the video again and it worked fine. Fun day for all of you. Great!

  3. I can't see your photos. When I click on then it takes me to a Flickr page saying oops not found.

  4. The time sure is flying by, glad you are enjoying it with the kids.

  5. Such wonderful adventures for the visiting munchkins!!!

  6. Gwenny is sure having a great holiday with her Grandparents!

    Thanks for posting the video clip!