Friday, March 28, 2014

A nice way to start the day!

I was sitting minding my own business, eating my corn flakes this morning, and then my iPad jumped to life!

Gwenny wanted to say "Good Morning" to her Pop Pop and got her Mom to dial me up on Facetime at 7:00 this morning... What a great way to start my day! They had been missing me, as Tom and I go walking at 7:30 now to avoid all the heat. Gwenny was doing some colouring for me. Nice to be able to capture screen shots off of Facetime!

I have a product recommendation today... I have had problems with stains and dirt marks on our Jeep cloth seats. Wish it had leather! However after using Blue Coral Upholstery Cleaner this afternoon, my seats are looking close to new again. This product works and makes a difference! It was only a couple of $$$ for the bottle above, and I used the whole bottle on the job. If you have cloth seats, give it a try! If I remember right...I bought it at Walmart.

What do you get when you cross a 57 Chevy and a Harley???

A "Charley" of course...a Friend from Gravenhurst sent me this...thought it was kind of cool.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Love facetime, and that Charley is excellent.

  2. The Charley is pretty cool for sure.

    Thanks for the product tip. I'll have to look for it, because we have some dirty car seats too. Unfortunately, we're 100 miles from a Walmart though.

  3. Face Time, anytime, is a treat when it involves the grand kids.

    I love that 'Charlie Davidson' motorcycle but where would Jeanette sit?????

  4. I agree - a great way to start the day is with Facetime from the grandkids!

    Thanks for the tip on the upholstery cleaner, we need that with our muttzo's.