Monday, March 10, 2014

Somebody got a little bit older on us today...

Happy Birthday Cheryl...

Yes, our good friend Cheryl celebrated a Birthday today... Tom arranged a cake for her that she is working on above, while Judy prepared a terrific Chili Dinner for us all. Deb and Gerard came bay, as we needed Deb for the entertainment! Yes, the Orillia Roses played at Cheryl's Party... and I got the video to prove it!

Starring Deb on Guitar, (OK, so she just started learning this week...) and Judy on the Bowed Psaltrey, (OK, and she is just learning...) and none other than Gerard on vocals...(he did not have a lot to work

Anyways, we all had a ball, and enjoyed and celebrated Cheryl's Birthday!

Not a lot on the go today other than the party, which was good, as we have been running pretty hard again recently. I ran into a problem with my Jeep today with the dreaded "Check Engine" light coming on...

I found out on the internet, that down here if you go to a local Auto Zone Store, they will read the codes for free! Off I went, and they were more than happy to help me identify the dreaded P0420 Code on my Jeep, down at the Avon Park Store.

This code refers to a problem with the Catalytic Converter, but at this point I do now know what the problem is. I have an appointment on Thursday Morning to find out.

Till tomorrow...


  1. Hey Birthday Girl! Hope it has been a great birthday for you.

  2. Good idea to take your Jeep to the Auto Zone store for a 'check engine' report. I'll keep that idea in mind too.

    Happy birthday to your friend.

  3. Nice that you got the code read, now to see if they can fix the problem., good luck.

  4. Good luck with that Engine Light - hope it's something really minor.

    Great looking Birthday Cake!