Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Newbies arrive from the North!

Yesterday, good Friends, Deb and Gerard made the big trip down from Waterloo, Ontario, and arrived in Frostproof with their trailer. They are planning a nice month long Florida vacation! Gerard looks really happy, as last week he retired from Investor's Group, and now is trying to keep up with me in the retired catagory!

A little hard to see is Tibby, sitting on Deb's knee above. I think Tibby is happy about there being no snow on the ground there! A lot easier on him when he has to take care of business.

Today, we took them around to do some shopping in Lake Wales area, visited the Library, and made it out to Camping World out Hwy. 60. Weather was just perfect all day, hitting about 28 deg. C. or 82 deg. F.

We got together for happy hour with Tom and Cheryl this evening, and then enjoyed a nice BBQ Chicken Dinner...just another perfect Florida type day!

Till tomorrow...


  1. Great weather and good friends, welcoming a newbie into the group, too much fun.

  2. The first big vacation after retiring is always kind of special.

  3. I bet they wish they could have gotten to Florida a few months earlier.