Saturday, March 29, 2014

Batteries Plus to the rescue...

The other day I was heading to Lake Wales for some erands, and decided to take my trusty Honda Shadow... well, it wasn't so trusty it seems...

I bought this motorcycle in May, 2007, and this week was really the first time I have had any problems with it! 53,000 klms. and 8 years later, my original battery decided it could not hold much of a charge anymore it seems.

These are smaller, totally sealed 12 Volt batteries. I think 8 years of reliable service is pretty good for my old one.

Batteries Plus came to my rescue today in Sebring, having the exact battery that I needed to fit my Honda. Only problem was, small battery, big price! $91.00 for one of these babies... ouch. My new house batteries for the RV cost less! Oh, well... can't start the bike without it... they did away with the old kick starters!

Not much on the go today, took a shopping trip to the Sebring area with Tom for a few different things, while the women were up in Lake Wales shopping. The local economy is doing well.

Later this afternoon we had big time rain... just to keep our grass green... still better than snow!

Till tomorrow...


  1. So you didn't mention, did you put a call into AAA in Lake Whales? Were you stranded on the side of the road - just you and your shadow??

  2. "just you and your shadow..."
    Eight years is pretty good for any battery, so it owes you nothing.

  3. I bought a new battery for our Nomad in Lake Havasu, last winter, for $85. It was U.S. made. The foreign battery would have cost $71. Eight years of service from that old battery is incredibly good.

  4. Not bad for the old battery at all. now you should be good to go fora few more years.
    Will take that rain any day over snow.

  5. Boo to the "me and my shadow" jokes....groan!!

    If this battery lasts as long as the original, you'll be laughing.