Saturday, March 22, 2014

Wrapping up Key West...

Typing this blog from back home in Frostproof tonight. We left Key West this morning at 8:30 and arrived at about 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. Beautiful drive in great weather. Mid 80's today so the A/C got a workout on the Jeep today.

Too busy enjoying Key West to get a blog together for last night...sometimes you just get too tired to do it at the end of the day!

So, on Friday morning, we went to a Rental Shop in North Key West, and rented 4 great bicycles. Debbie wanted to do this, and make the tour of the outer areas of Key West, so we did exactly that, driving the bicycles all the way around Key West. Took about 4 hours or so to complete, including a stop for a great lunch on the beach.

Key West has done a terrific job of building a bicycle route that you can follow around... some of it is still under construction, but it is coming. Above Judy is riding against the Atlantic Ocean on the East side of Key West. What a great day for a bike ride!

Gerard is watching Deb get some nature shots...

You get to see lots of this above...

Judy above is yelling at me for taking pictures with my iPhone while I biked... oooppsss...

Need I say more about the weather than above...

We found one of those round driveway mirrors, and this picture above was taken by me with my iPhone... you can see me doing it!

We enjoyed another great Italian Dinner at this Restaurant above, on the east side of Key West... after we decided to head down to the Docks to catch the Busker Shows! Key West is famous for these shows, that start at sunset each night and go for an hour or so... there are lots of them.

Yes this guy above, trained his cats to jump through rings of fire... he had a good show, and apparently has been doing shows for the past 24 years!

This guy above had a highwire, unicycle type of show...

Above, these two guys performed a great juggling type of show... they were great, and I took a few videos I will post here of their act. They had a real large crowd watching the show. These are not long videos, less than 30 seconds each.

Don't try to do this stunt at home now Kiddies.... too dangerous! These guys were good.

The ladder above is free standing, only held by 4 ropes held by spectators... might not want to try this one either...

We had a blast in Key West for the past few days, with by far, the most favourite activity I enjoyed being the Snorkelling Tour at John Pennekamp State Park.

Deb and Gerard left us today, and are heading on a trip up the West Side of Florida, before they beat feet for Ontario in a few more days. Sure was great to spend some time with them, doing a bunch of activities over the past weeks.

Patra was happy to see us when we got home tonight... she was well taken care of by Cheryl while we were gone... got to enjoy happy hour with Cheryl and Tom after arriving home tonight.

Till tomorrow...



  1. So much tom see and do in Key West, you had a fun time. Taking a holiday from your vacation.

  2. Bicycling was a nice travel method to get around and see the sights.

  3. It looks like we've been neighbors. We're staying a few miles up the road in Sunshine Key. We always enjoy Mallory Square during the sunset celebration. I think there are some new performers since we were there a few weeks ago.