Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Recovery...

After our whirlwind tour of Key West the past few days, we took life a little easier today.


Judy and I attended Church Services up in Winter Haven this morning. Weather today was second to none! Just perfect for doing whatever you want to do.

This afternoon I was over at Tom's site, and helped him install some new wheel trim pieces on his GMC 3500 Truck. These are nice chrome wheel well trim pieces that had to be screwed into place. Seemed like a real easy peasy type job, but you know how it goes! Turned into a couple hours and we only did the front wheels. Tom and his neighbour did the back wheels yesterday. All done now and it looks great! Just did not have a camera or iPhone with me, so you will have to picture it in your mind!

Till tomorrow...


  1. How is it going with the psaltry? Is it easy to learn?

  2. Just a quick note to let you know I was hear before we hit the road in a few minutes on day 2 of our trip home.

  3. Now thats our kind of day most of the time. Enjoy it while you can still cold back home.

  4. Following a whirl wind trip to the Keys does call for a day off.

    With that great Florida weather, it seems that you don't feel that magnet to head north anytime soon.