Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Maintenance day...

With a bit of rain in the forecast today, it was time to catch up on a few things RV.

I had a bad tire valve on the front of the RV that needed to be replaced, so I took the RV out to Big T Tire in Avon Park. They were terrific, replacing the valve stem for me, adjusting the tire pressure, all for NO CHARGE, saying they want to keep the people from Ontario happy! I am now!

From there I went into Frostproof and loaded up with 10.5 gallons of propane in my torpedo tank for $35.00. The RV needed a good run anyways, so all is good once again.

A cousin of mine, posted this house picture above of my childhood home in Two Mountains, Quebec. Brought back memories, for sure. My Mon and Dad built this home themselves, back in the 50's...still in great shape!

Seems they have had a bunch of snow in Quebec as well,


Kristina posted this great pic of Gwenny above at the butterfly conservatory in Cambride recently...nice and warm inside!

Charlie is wearing a shirt today he got in Florida, at the Mote Aquarium...that was a great day!

More snow up north again today...they need no more!

Till tomorrow...



  1. That picture of Gwenny is sooo cute. She is such a doll. What a great t-shirt for Charlie!!

  2. The kids sure are growing. Love the butterfly wings.

  3. Nice pic of Gwenny, sure can't wait to get back to all that snow can we?