Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crystal River...

Time to get the kayaks back out, this time with a trip to Crystal River...

Crystal River is a 2 1/2 hour drive north west, and is on the Gulf of Mexico. It is known for great kayaking and manatees! One hit my kayak today, but no one was hurt.

The water is crystal clear here...and warm.

There is a shot of Judy in that new cowboy hat!

We made our way to The Three Sisters Spring...

This spring is very neat, and the manatees come into it as it is really warm water coming up from underground.

There are some real fancy houses on the water around here...

It was busy on the water as it was the weekend.

We are staying over tonight at the Holiday Inn Express in Crystal River. Probably hit the water again tomorrow...


Till tomorrow...


  1. Great to get a visual of what the kayaking is like on Crystal River. We are planning to spend a few days there specifically for the kayaking. Can you share a bit more information about where you put-in, etc. Looks great!

  2. There were enough folks in the water to almost create a traffic jam. But it sure is pretty.

  3. The Kayaking looks amazing as does Judy's cow girl hat!

  4. I, they are really serious kayakers to drive 2.5 hours. Now that I see the scenery, it makes it all worthwhile.

  5. What a beautiful spot to kayak in. Judy looks great in her new cowgirl hat!

  6. The crystal clear waters are inviting. Sure sounds like a very good couple of kayaking days.