Thursday, March 6, 2014

Plant City Strawberry Festival...

Oooopppssss.... never got around to blogging last night... too busy having fun over at Plant City.

Last year we attended the annual Strawberry Festival with Deb and Gerard, and decided to do it again this year.

This is a really big Festival, with just about everything going for it, kind of reminds you of the Florida State Fair over at Tampa.

Even though we attended during the middle of the week on a Wednesday, the place was packed, as school break has now kicked in and lots of people visiting Florida.

There were lots of booths like above that were selling stawberries for $5.00 for half a flat or $8.00 for a full flat. These are the best berries you have ever seen!

Judy and Debbie were crowned the Strawberry Queens for Florida and were awarded big prizes!

They got to pay $4.00 and make their own strawberry shortcake! It was good!

We got to take in the Dennis Lee Show again this year... we saw it last year, and he was good! They have tons of entertainment here each year. He does a great Elvis.

They have lots of agriculture type of displays to take in, that show you how they grow the berries.

It is very similiar to how they grow lettuce out in Arizonia. You have to see it...

After eating all those berries, something funny happened... it started to make us a bit crazy, and before you know it, Gerard bought himself a great big Flag Pole, that you see him carrying above... it is telescopic and is about 16 feet tall or so... Even came with a Canadian Flag which was made in the U.S.A.! Go figure...

Not to be out done, Judy got in on the act of keeping the Plant City economy going...

Check out the Bowed Psaltery that she purchased above at the Fesitval. She has been looking for one of these since she attended the Florida State Fair last year over at Tampa Bay. This one is very unique, and has 24 strings, or two full octaves on it for you music lovers. These instruments date back to the Bible Times! It came complete with a carrying case, and bow, along with 3 music books. I will post a video soon to show you how this instrument sounds... kind of unique. You can find out more info about the bowed psaltery at


Today was kind of a wet day, but we managed to get our walk in this morning before the rain started. The rest of the day was spent out doing some shopping with Tom and Cheryl, Deb and Gerard.

Till tomorrow...



  1. Love taking in local festivals, looks like you had a great time!

  2. Strawberry Shortcake Queens - love it.

    Florida seems to have a festival for every type of fruit and vegetable known to man! What a place.

  3. A funfilled day! I love musical instruments, they are all a work of art in my eyes.