Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A visit today from Family...

Quite a change in our weather today, as we had lots of sun, but the north wind brought cool air down with it, and it only got up to the mid 60's this morning. Tom and I walked anyways, just grin and bear it! Bet all you people up north feel sorry for us now!

Judy's Brother Howard and his Wife Teri came over this afternoon from Sarasota. They are heading back home this weekend coming, and brought a few large items over this afternoon that we will transport for them.

We took a tour of the park with them... this afternoon it warmed up a quite a bit so it was nice for a walk.

They were checking out some of the ducks that live on a couple of our ponds inside the Resort.

They were impressed with this machine above...

I am not sure how many people actually use this chair at our Resort, but it is there!

Teri was facinated by how the dead branch on this Palm Tree above had turned to seed. This is happening to the trees all over our Resort right now...they drop all the seeds on the ground below.

Had a great visit and wished them well on their trip up to snow country...

Yes, our darling Grandaughter Paige turned 4 years old this week! She is a little sweetheart and is doing very well. We had a great Facetime call with her the other night, and watched as she opened gifts that Judy had shipped to the house. What a blast!

Till tomorrow...



  1. Sorry, I don't feel sorry for you at all. Minus 21 here this morning, and still 2 feet of snow.

  2. Considering the awful (and worst) winter snowstorm being pounded on Maritimers, your 60+ weather leaves little to complain about.....or our heavy winds here in Desert Hot Springs. Sure makes one wonder why snowbirds would head north now...but I guess there are good reasons.

  3. No matter the cool weather there, still much better than back home.

  4. Happy Birthday Paige! You are a real cutie!

    That's quite the ride you have in the park for all you 'old types'.