Monday, March 31, 2014

Time is ticking away...

Yes, our time is starting to tick away down here in Florida. Tomorrow is the begining of our travel month, as we start laying plans to somehow make our way back up to Ontario by the end of the month.

Judy and I have been talking about possible plans, and they could involve a trip to Savannah, Georgia, and maybe Washington, D.C.

Maybe I will pull up to the Big House above, and knock on the door and see if I can visit with the President! Anyways, we will keep working on our plans to keep us occupied in April! We will probably be hanging around Frostproof until mid April as it stands now...

I went down to visit Tom today after our walk this morning, and found him on the business end of this wash brush... thing is, that is not his Motorhome... he was cleaning this rig for his neighbour, as his neighbour had helped him out a number of times. I put my name on the list of his friends, to have mine done next!

What is that thing in the picture above????

Yup, your right... it is the device that holds your main door open during the day. Our old one and had simply worn out, so I installed a new one today... all of 8 bucks. The old one was letting go of the door during windy periods, so I was afraid of the door slamming, and maybe breaking the window in it!

Had a great early morning factime call with Kristina and Charley. He is able now to stand on his own! He was showing me here how he makes music with this fancy toy of his. Gwenny was still in bed, so Charley and I were able to have a heart to heart talk! Kristina reports still new teeth coming as well.

Till tomorrow...



  1. I wonder if we could get in life for a wash and wax. Don't we wish. Charley is growing to be a really big boy. What a cutie.

  2. Soon be on the road for a nice sightseeing trip back north, have too much fun.

  3. Charley is sure growing, looks like he may take off on his own soon. He's a handsome little guy.

    I can't get over how fast our little men our growing up - we need to slow them down somehow!!!

    I should have slipped a note onto Air Force One when I saw it in Palm Springs to let the Prez know you were going to be in town!

  4. I sure have enjoyed following you around. Looking forward to your route back home stories.