Monday, August 4, 2014

1st. Day of School... Already???

Yes, first day of regular School for our 1st. Grandaughter, Emmie! Congratulations!

It seems that School starts really early down in Tennessee... Emmie will also be finished a month early!

Shawn and Jenn are sending Emmie off in the picture above... Today was another big day for the Family, as it was the first official day for Shawn at his new Hospital. All of his required paper work was finally put in place, and it is now time to get going helping a whole bunch of really small babies!

It looks like Emmie has a really neat looking classroom to do all that learning in this year. Good luck in Grade 1 Emmie! It is just the start!

Judy and I made it home later this afternoon from Sauble Beach. We had simply an amazing weekend with a bunch of real good friends, and great cottage type weather to boot! Yesterday Debbie and Gerard, (our hosts...) staged the 3rd. annual Cottage Olympic Games!

Here we all are at the opening Ceremonies... yes, that is the Ontario Provincial Flag flying just below our beloved Maple Leaf. Today is John Graves Simcoe Day here in Ontario! (Previously known as Civic Holiday)

We had seven different events to compete in... including Al showing us the cookie eating contest...(get it from your forehead to your mouth with no hands...

Debbie show off her skills in the hit a plate with a broom, bounce the marshmallow in the air and catch it in your cup competition... whew... a mouthful.

Sue is showing off her bolaball skills... she is a rookie this year to the games, and never seemed to stop laughing for three days...

Another skill testing game is the blow your jellybean (Judy) through the obstical course game... its all in how you wear your new hat!

Gerard is carrying cotton balls on the end of his nose with the help of a little vaseline... (don't even ask...)

Check out my fine form in the pick up your penne noodle with a piece of spaghetti contest...

The concentration of Dale here in cotton ball on the nose game, is too much... she has to lighten up a little...

We also had a blast playing bocce ball down at the beach, it is a great game.

Look at the fine form of Brian and myself playing armchair frisbee!

Of course there has to be a winner, and for the second time in three years, I ran away with the gold medal...(oh, and a bottle of wine...). Al brought home the silver and Deb shows off her bottle cap....errrrrr... bronze medal!

A great time was had by all... looking forward to many more to come!

Oh, forgot to mention... Blog reader George, soon pointed out that Sauble Beach would be located on the East Side of Lake Huron, not the West Side, as I had mentioned about 2 Blogs ago... thanks for keeping me in line George! Must have picked up my compass backwards or something...

Till tomorrow...



  1. You guys sure do know how to have a good time. You can see everybody just laughing. Love it. I can't believe school is already on though. It's still hot and summer.

  2. I think I like that version of Cottage Olympics. I'm pretty sure I could rock that cookie contest!

  3. The cottage olympics are sure a lot of fun and you had perfect weather for it too. You are becoming a gold medal winner two year out of three, congratulations!
    I was confused about the west side of the lake and really had to think about it too.
    Nicer beaches on the east shores of Lake Huron.